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Men are often not willing to engage in a healthy and positive lifestyle without the encouragement and support of a woman, thus the title of this message.  At the same time men and women are aging at an accelerated rate because we do not apply the rules of holistic health that would help us to avoid the negative effects of aging.  We all have to get serious and stop fooling ourselves with excuses and half measures. 

We all must examine ourselves and determine what is blocking us from our goals for health and wellness.  "Why do feel lethargic and unmotivated"?

"Why is my midsection steadily expanding even though I only eat a 'little' fried chicken"? 

Each day that passes that we do not live to our maximum level is another lost opportunity to become who we truly are on a divine level and another nail in the coffin.

2014 is your time to create a new reality for yourself and those you care about.  It is a time for creating long-term avenues for health, wellness, higher consciousness and future financial security.  What we offer at YogaSkills is more than a temporary new years resolution.  It is the key to reaching your highest potential through utilizing an ancient science.

Yoga is for Men
Brothers, Let's Get Serious!

5 Tips To Help Your Man to Avoid the Negative Effects of Aging:


Get Rid of Belly Fat:  Fat around the mid-section is the worst place to have it.  It is a primary risk factor for heart disease and an indicator of low testosterone levels in men.  The ONLY way to get rid of belly fat is to eliminate bad fats from the diet (fats from animal foods and hydrogenated oils), eliminate processed sugar (white sugar and white flour products as well as high fructose corn syrup products), do 40 minutes of cardio exercise 4 to 5 times per week.   Find out what you should weigh based upon your height (body mass index or BMI can be found on the internet) and get as close to that weight as possible.  


Sleep:  The human being needs to sleep.  We especially need a type of sleep called RIM (rapid eye movement) which indicates a very deep state of rest where the nervous system and the internal energy system is able to be restored.  The optimum time for RIM sleep is between 10 PM and 3 AM according to the principle of circadian rhythms. 


Manage Stress:  Of course the practice of Yoga and Meditation are the BEST systems of stress reduction and stress management.  Practicing basic Yoga postures controlled deep breathing and meditation for 30 to 60 minutes daily can be transformational.




Alternate Nostril Breathing
Alternate Nostril Breathing



Kemetic Yoga Practices:  In the Kemetic Yoga and YogaSkills Method systems that I've developed, Cleansing Breath, Mummy Pose, Teken Sequence, Cobra, Pyramid, Lunges and Maat Ka are primary practices that anyone can do.  These help to increase blood circulation, reduce stress, recharge the endocrine glands and improve the circulation of internal energy, which are essential for good sexual health and performance.




How to do the basic Kemetic Sun Salutation
How to do the basic Kemetic Sun Salutation



Supplements:  It is essential for men to maintain the health of the prostrate gland and to keep testosterone levels adequate.  Testosterone is the hormone that is the foundation of maleness.  Belly fat, lack of energy, lack of focus, depression, lack of motivation and drive, low libido (sexual desire) are all indicators of low testosterone and problems with the prostrate gland.  Prostrate cancer and erectile dysfunction (inability to achieve or maintain and erection) are prevalent among men today.  They are especially prevalent among African American men (even young ones), especially those who smoke, consume alcohol, eat fried fatty foods, etc. 



Smoothie:    Bee Pollen, Maca Root Powder, Flax seed oil, Moringa Powder, Organic Strawberries, Organic Blueberries


Saw Palmetto Capsules


B-Vitamins, Vitamin C


Tribulus:  850 mg.  Helps your body to naturally produce more testosterone

Upcoming YogaSkills Events 
Salute to Ra
Healing Sun Kemetic Yoga Retreat Jamaica July 15 to 25, 2014:
Our next two retreats in Jamaica take place July 15 to 25, 2014.  This experience is for anyone who want  to gain their 200 hour teacher certification or simply want to learn to enhance their health and wellness with new YogaSkills.  
For more information click here:  Healing Sun Jamaica Retreat

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Ona Hawk Peacock
Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training Atlanta, April through May, 2014
We begin our next teacher training course in Atlanta Ga. on Saturday and Sunday April 5 & 6, 2014.  Register now and make your payment in full to receive $200 off the price.  Click Below learn more:

Kemetic Yoga Atlanta@Firehawk Yoga

YogaSkills Carribean Cruise

Our first Caribbean Kemetic Yoga cruise will take place December 14 to 21, 2014. 
Our cruise will take place on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas one of the best and most luxurious ships on the seas.You will visit the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martin on this 7 day cruise and Kemetic Yoga experience.
For more information and to register contact our travel agent Alisha Kier at 888 636-5222 or send a text to 404 401-7448.

Camel Ride in Kemet
Land of the Pharaohs Tour
of Ancient Egypt July 29 to August 9, 2014

Come with us as take you to all of the major historical and spiritual sites in Egypt to learn and about the ancient past.  We will practice Yoga on a 3 day Nile cruise and meditate in ancient temples as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. 

Click Below for More Information

Land of the Pharaohs Tour of Ancient Egypt
New Yirser
Kemetic Yoga Training and Classes in Chicago
We offer on-going individual and small group training and certification in Chicago as well as life coaching services, stress management counseling and more.  Call Yirser Ra Hotep at 773 396-6613 for more details or email

Click on the link below

Chicago Trainings and Classes
DVD Cover
YogaSkills Master Collection DVD/CD
With the YogaSkills Master Collection you can bundle our original classic Kemetic Yoga instructional DVD, our most recent "Breath, Flow and Internal Powwer with Journey to Amenta Meditation CD for only $49.99 and save $15.00! 
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Kemetic Yoga New York
Our newest Yoga Studio affiliate is Move With Grace Studio in Brooklyn New York.  Grace Tappin, the owner of Move with Grace Studio recently earned her certification in Kemetic Yoga and offers classes at her studio at 

469 Myrtle Avenue
(btwn Washington & Hall)
Brooklyn NY 11205

(718) 230-0013


Move With Grace is the future home of Kemetic Yoga classes, workshops and teacher training courses in the NYC area. 

Kemetic Yoga with Deborah Leftridge:
Join Deborah Leftridge on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Asase Yaa Center for the Arts, 1803 Fulton St. Brooklyn New York.  Call 917 533-3945 for more information or email 
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We will be scheduling a series of free conference calls soon. 

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