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5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe

  Hello Carolina,

To promote child wellness during the first years of life is very important, as it has a direct impact in the physical and mental health when they become adults.  

Child wellness is based on the satisfaction of material, physical, affective and psychological needs. A child's wellness is determined by the level of parental, familial, communal, and social safe interactions. Family wellness is more than the absence of discord; it is the presence of supportive, affectionate and gratifying relationships that serve to promote the personal develop. 

We would like to share with you our new campaign to promote child wellness: 

"5 Tips to keep me safe" and "5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe".

The goal is to share clear and easy-to-follow information that we can all implement and remember to promote child safety and wellness.

5 Tips 

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For Kids:

  • My body is my body

And I can always say “no” if I don’t want to hug someone or be close to someone. 

  • My five Safe Persons

These are the 5 people that I trust. I know they will always believe me and protect me. 

  • My body knows when it doesn’t feel safe

My heart beats faster. My hands get sweaty. I get a stomach ache. I feel there is something that is not right. I am scared. If this happens, I must tell my Safe Persons.  

  • How to recognize dangerous situations

A person tells me to keep a secret. This person tells me that if I don’t do what he/she says, he/she will hurt my family or people I love. This person wants to take me to a place alone. If this happens I must tell my Safe Persons. 

  • What should I do if I feel danger

Avoid being alone with the person I don’t feel safe with. Ask for help. Tell my Safe Persons.

For Adults:

  • Get informed

It is very important to understand key words and concepts on child safety so that we can equip ourselves and our children to properly address any type of dangerous situation.

  • Learn to identify Red Flags 

Special attention/preference to a child (in person or online). Keeping/sharing secrets with the child. Gift giving. Hugging or touching the child. Offers to help the family. Touching or hugging the child. They want to spend alone time with the child. Reference: D2l.org

  • Respond properly if you witness abuse

- Create a distraction. Ask directly. Refer to an authority. Enlist others.

Reference: Rainn.org

  • Prevent threatening situations

Eliminate or reduce isolated one-on-one situations between kids and adults. "More than 80% of sexual abuse incidents happen in isolated one-on-one situations" 

  • Implement Family Safety Rules

      Some safety rules: 1) Ask First Rule. 2) The safety family word rule. 3) The Rule of three: (2 adults + 1 kid or 2 kids + 1 adult).

Yoy can always visit our website: www.worldhuggroup.org/5tips for more information about keeping all kids safe, active, motivated and healthy! 

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