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HSFPP Has Resources For All Experience Levels

Quick Overview of Program Materials: Do you have a minute? In only 72 seconds you can watch a fun video and learn the basics of what HSFPP has to offer educators.

Introduction to the High School Financial Planning Program

Webinar Introduction to the ProgramRegister to join us for a live 45 minute webinar to preview the program learning outcomes, format, and materials. Participants will also tour the teacher materials and learn how to immediately use the resources. 
Other NEFE Resources for Educators: Did you know that HSFPP is only one of NEFE's many programs? Click through a slideshow to see an overview of other educational resources available.

Face-to-Face Teacher Training: Attend a face-to-face training near you. Search for upcoming HSFPP training workshops in your state. 
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Online Educator Resources  

Educators can find a wealth of instructional materials and resources online. To access the materials log in as a Teacher or Sponsor and click the "Get Materials" tab. Here you can to order or download all of the instructional materials available for each program module.

Order Materials to be Shipped to You

Educators can order the following materials at no cost:
  • Instructor Pack (starter kit with a set of student guides, binder tabs, and several lesson plans to get started)
  • Student Guides for each module
  • Learner Certificates
  • Information Kit  

Program Level Materials and Tools


In addition to the Teacher Lesson Packs, you will find program overviews to help you plan how to implement HSFPP in your classroom: 


 Other program materials and tools include:


Individual Module Tools and Resources


After selecting a specific module on the "Get Materials" page educators can access specific materials for that module, including:


  • Module Overview: Learning Outcomes and Activities
  • Module-Specific Parent Email Template
  • Student Guide PDFs
  • Assessments and answer keys

Specific Lesson Materials: Teacher Lesson Packs


Each module is comprised of 45-minute lessons. Educators can cover the entire module, or pick and choose lessons relevant to their students. Each lesson has an individual "Teacher Lesson Pack." The lesson packs are downloaded as a zip file and include:   


  • Teacher Lesson Plan
  • Student Learning Plan
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Complete with an educator script in the notes pages)
  • Supporting Activity Handouts
  • Performance Assessments (aka, Challenges)
NEFE's Online Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit
Build Pre/Post Evaluations in 5 Steps

Measuring the success of a program through documenting its impact is essential for financial educators. Evaluation can be used to measure whether or not a financial education program is meeting the needs of the students, and helps to secure support from stakeholders.
Whether you are an experienced program evaluator or a novice seeking assistance in developing quality evaluation surveys, NEFE's Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit is designed to help developers understand evaluation concepts to efficiently document the impact their programs have on learners.

The evaluation toolkit guides users through five steps to design the type of evaluation instrument needed by the financial education program being taught.

Step 1. Decide the type of evaluation.

Step 2. Decide the impact indicators.

Step 3. Add or edit knowledge questions and behavior statements.

Step 4. Add or edit open-ended questions for qualitative information.

Step 5. Add or edit demographic questions.


When designing an evaluation instrument, designers select a format option to fit the program type.

  • Post Evaluation Only
  • Pre and Post Evaluation
  • Stages to Change Evaluation
  • Train-the-Trainer Evaluation


The toolkit consists of two main parts:


  • A manual (available in Quick Start version or full-length detailed version) covering basic program evaluation concepts, example evaluation instruments, and instructions on how to fully utilize the evaluation toolkit
  •  An easy-to-use evaluation database containing evaluation templates and forms for several different types of program formats


To learn more about using NEFE's Evaluation Toolkit in your classroom, watch this webinar!

Join the Jump$tart Community in Los Angeles!

NEFE is proud to support the 2014 Jump$tart National Educator Conference for preK-12 financial educators.
We hope you can join us in Los Angeles to find a wealth of classroom resources, attend personal and professional development workshops, and network with a community of financial educators.

Teacher registration opens on September 4. The highly subsidized registration fee of $425 for classroom teachers and $575 for other educators includes a two-night stay at the Omni Hotel and all conference meals. Do you need help making the case to your school? Jump$tart has some suggestions here you can use. 

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NEFE's High School Financial Planning Program equips teens with fundamental personal finance skills to prepare them for financial independence and mindful money management decisions and behaviors.

The National Endowment for Financial Education� (NEFE�) is the leading private nonprofit, noncommercial foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life. Since 1984, NEFE's award-winning High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP) has reached more than about 11.5 million students in more than 108,000 classrooms across the country. Learn more about the complete suite of NEFE's free consumer and educator resources at

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