March 2019
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Five Cities with the Best High School Graduation Rates are all in One State...TEXAS!
Almost 85% of public high school students in the United States now graduate with a regular diploma within four years of starting ninth grade - a record high - according to a  study by the National Center for Education Statistics. The location of  the cities where the most people graduate high school , however, might surprise you.  Using data from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute's Country Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 24/7 Wall St. identified the metropolitan areas with the highest graduation rates according to the latest available research, and the top five (plus one more in the top ten) were all in the same state: Texas!


To do:
1.     Share this link for people to check their registration status or apply 
2.     Check your county's election website to find out what will be on 
your ballot. 
3.     Visit the League of Women Voters of Texas's website for more 
election information.
4.    Share key dates: 
April 4 - Last day to register to vote
April 22-30 - Early voting
May 4 - Election Day

Dear Friends,
As Spring Breaks conclude, we are entering the "Home Stretch" of the school year where the state of Texas uses standardized testing to put a grade on campuses and districts.  In spite of these "grades," Texas public schools continue to excel with a large number of students entering our state from a wide variety of educational backgrounds.  This month's focal point shows where Texas ranks in regard to "four-year" graduation rates when compared to other states in the country.  This data proves that every person who works on a campus makes a difference and is proof that "great things are happening in Texas public schools!"

Thank you,

Blake W. Cooper
Executive Director
Friends of Texas Public Schools

p.s.  Education is now the Legislature's top priority, thanks to high voter turnout in 2018 by educators and those who support public education. Let's continue building a culture of voting! Be sure to register by April 4th and mark your calendars. Early voting is April 22 - 30 and Election Day is May 4th. 


You are invited to nominate honorees for consideration by the Friends of Texas Public Schools board for the Friend of the Year Award to be presented at our annual Friend of the Year Gala on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 in Waco. Deadline is April 15, 2019.

The Friend of the Year Award was established to honor those rare individuals from the private sector and organizations who step up as champions for those who learn and work in our schools. Honorees clearly see beyond the sensational headlines and often negative politics and understand that the success of Texas public education is everyone's business.   

by: raise your Hand Texas

Texas students and families to day have access to school choice offerings as diverse and unique as the students themselves. From dual-language and STEM to internships and early college programs, public school districts across Texas are offering families innovative choices to personalize education and engage students, leading to higher achievement and post-secondary success.

From large urban districts to small rural communities, school choice and opportunity abound and are expanding at a rapid clip. In the 50 largest school districts, which educate more than half of Texas students, multiple school choice options are available, with many districts offering students options including magnets, district charters and transfer options.

In other districts, including the 60 percent considered rural or small, students can become more college- and career-ready through involvement in innovative courses, community and industry partnerships, and extracurricular programs.

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Great things are happening in our Texas public schools! We want to share that story with Texans across the state, and we need your help to continue our work.
All public school districts in Texas are invited to enroll in our Friends of Texas Public Schools Network for the 2018-19 school year. If you were a member of the network last year we want to welcome you back. If you haven't been a member of our network before, we hope you will consider joining us this year.



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