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5 US Tech Execs Tell Why Succeeding in China Remains a Great (and Greater) Challenge

It's long taken local management who can respond quickly to market shifts, and don't have to go back to US headquarters every time a command decision is needed.
It's long taken visionary leadership and a multi-year perspective. 
It's regularly taken out-of-the-box promotional strategies to get customer attention.
Now it also takes a bigger wallet. Higher tariffs on China exports to US are already hurting the bottom line of businesses in America who are paying a lot more for necessary components.
But issues over requirements for tech transfer to China and disregard of intellectual property have not been as big an issue for some as might be expected.
Five US tech executives doing business in China reveal how they're handling the more challenging climate today. 
Read Forbes: Making It in China

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Silicon Dragon Valley 2019: Tech Execs Figure Out China

Silicon Dragon Valley 2019: Panelists John Foster, Gene Banman, Chris Barnett, Ric Kostick, David Sullivan and moderator Rebecca Fannin

How Evernote Got To China Milestone
Evernote counts as one of the few successful U.S. tech businesses in China. About 10 percent of Evernote's global sales comes from China. What's its formula for success in China?
Evenote was built up by Russian emigre and visionary technologist Phil Libin in 2007 who was at the helm for nine years before departing to become a venture investor at General Catalyst, and now to form AI startup lab All Turtles in San Francisco.
When Libin launched Evernote's China-based service in 2012, he gave it a Chinese name but its product offerings were no different from the global standard. 
Hear Libin talk with journalist Selina Wang at Silicon Dragon's recent Valley forum. 
Read All Turtles Talk at Forbes

Phil Libin Selina Wang
More Highlights: Silicon Dragon Valley 2019

Qiming Venture Partners is seeking to raise $250 million for its second US healthcare-focused fund led by founding managing partner Gary Rieschel.    
Sandbox VR deal Hong Kong-originated Sandbox VR raised $68 million in series A finance from Silicon Valley venture firm Andreesen Horowitz. Board members are Andrew Chen from A16z and founder Steven Zhao along with the founding team. The deal came together at an In-N-Out burger joint near SFO. Also investing are Alibaba, Stanford University, Triple Point Capital, CRCM and Floodgate. 
Read how fast the deal moved.

A Chinese Groupon on steroids,  Pinduoduo, is seeking to bring in $1.5 billion, just six months after it listed on Nasdaq and three years after its start and initial funding from Lightspeed China . The bargain bin shopping app has racked up 300 million users and is putting China's e-commerce leaders Alibaba and on the alert. Read Forbes : PDD on the loose

Bike and scooter-sharing startup LimeBike, pedaling fast to the finish line, has raised $310 million in Series D funding that puts its valuation past $2 billion. Co-founder and former Tencent investor executive Brad Bao spoke at Silicon Dragon Valley 2018. Investors are A16z, Bain Capital Ventures, Fidelity Ventures and Google's GV.   

A Spring Festival gala on Beijing TV included a sketch about China's debtor-blacklist system. Three men rush to repay loans after being barred, respectively, from taking trains, boarding flights and staying in hotels. All are branded deadbeats. And the crowd rather liked it. 
The global internet is splitting in two as China and the West stake out their corners ... Would it be possible to replicate such a split in other areas/sectors?
The WSJ is catching on to this trend-line too! 
My Silicon Dragon opinion is that it's creating tech spheres, East and West, not just US and China. 
Which market leads 5G technology will impact which tech companies will get ahead with new apps and hardware that move at faster speeds, says David Chao, general partner at DCM.   
If China gets ahead of the US in 5G, he says " it could sprout a whole generation of mobile services that take advantage of that," and those new services " may be exported to the western world."