5 Ways Music Can Help
A conversation about strategies for coping with the corona virus.
Two Offerings:
Tuesday, June 16th, 1-2 PM (ET)
Thursday, June 18th, 8-9 PM (ET)

An online gathering facilitated by Mark Vickstrom
What it's all about:

By now, we’ve all developed go-to strategies for coping with the corona virus. And many of us are learning that, whatever else we may be doing, MUSIC HELPS! Unlike anything else, music has the ability to move us to new places in our heads and hearts. It’s the “language of the soul,” speaking to us in a way nothing else can. And its therapeutic benefits are many, something more and more of us are discovering in this time of pandemic.

As we physically distance ourselves from one another in an act of compassion and protection, we can still draw close online to connect, share, and create. Join the LumZoom online community as we do just that around the theme,  5 Ways Music Can Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We’ll learn how music can help (1) connect us to ourselves and our stories; (2) boost creativity and curiosity; (3) motivate us to try new things; (4) enhance self-care; and (5) reduce depression, stress, and anxiety brought on by the corona virus. Come with your favorite song in mind!

Mark Vickstrom is a musician, pastor, and Lumunos wellbeing facilitator. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Anne.
Using Zoom:
You will need internet access and a computer, tablet (iPad or something similar) or smartphone with a camera. Most laptops and tablets have cameras built in; if you only have a desktop computer, you would need to add a web camera to that. If it is the first time you are using Zoom, you will need to download  plug-in  software. Most people find this quite easy to do. If you need help, please contact dan @lumunos.org .
To Register:
Registration is free and open to all, though donations are suggested. Click on the links below to register online for the session you'd like to attend.

Tuesday, June 16th, 1-2 PM (ET):  Click Here
Thursday, June 18th, 8-9 PM (ET):  Click Here