28 May 2020 Issue
5 Ways to Advertise With Us
Good Afternoon Sunshine

Interesting times we are living in. Everything is changing. New way of looking at life and situations. New perspectives and ideas. Wonderful times to be alive as we witness and partake in history being made.

We are all settling down into new routines as we adjust our lives to level 3 of lock-down. Time for new normal to unfold and present itself.  

With this in mind, we encourage you to support the small business. They too are struggling in putting food on table. Together we can achieve this.

As the new era is blossoming, Light Workers, Spiritual Consultants and New Age Products are fast becoming extremely popular. Just exactly where are they? How do you find your favourite incense sticks or crystal? Your body cries for equilibrium as you hunt for organic body care and home products. Where do you find them now that the Holistic Fayre Bothasig is not allowed to trade?

AboutHolistic.co.za has come with 5 solutions. Read below our suggestions in finding just the right person in helping you…..

Yes, they will soon be advertising with us, and you know I am very good at promoting anyone who advertises with us.

Everyone who takes advertising space with us – can promote themselves on our new Facebook Group:  AboutHolistic.

Our new Facebook group is overflowing with positive info from Members and Writers plus adverts.

Please do join our WhatsApp Broadcast to receive regular updates

Love and light

Membership is the DeLux Package Deal
Membership has been running for a few years, and our Members have found great improvement in their sales as they quickly became a household name.

Our Membership Package consists of
  • Your own webpage on our website 
  • Unlimited free entries in Directory
  • Free Monthly advertising in Spiritual Gazette
  • Free Secret Shopping 
  • Free What’s Happening
  • Free WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Allowed to promote themselves on our Facebook Group
  • Discount at The Holistic Fayre, Bothasig

Cost: R1400p/a

Lockdown Special: Valid till 30 September (extra 4 months)

Payment terms by arrangement

Best Value for Money Deal
Remember the good old Telephone Book, where you could quickly look up contact details?  

Let your fingers do the walking …… choose a category (more coming soon). Then select the title you are looking for

Categories to choose from:
Healing Zone: for Spiritual Healing Practitioners and Therapists
Reading Seer: for Guidance on Your Life Path
Muscle Relief: for Relaxing Massage Therapy
Personal Care: for Clothing, Skin Care, Jewellery etc.
Home Sense: for Gifts, Crystals, Books, Incense etc.

Coming soon
Altar Tools, Arts & Crafts, Good Food, and many more

Cost: R420 p/a for 1 entry

Lockdown Special: Valid till 30 September 2021 (extra 4 months)

Payment terms can be arranged

Members: Unlimited Free Entries
Secret Shopping
We all love secrets. Not to mention Secret Shopping.

Excellent spot to promote a service or product. Ideal opportunity to launch new products or services

Cost: R150 per entry 1 month 

Lockdown Special: Valid for 2 months (extra 1 month)

Payment terms can be arranged

Members: Free
What's On
Want to know what is happening in the spiritual world? Where workshops or gatherings are held? This is the perfect place to start.

You will even find other markets will be advertising here too…

Yes, we know it’s lockdown yet, there are numerous electronic workshops on offer. Spiritual Churches are meeting, Live Shows are being performed … all on line.

Mini Cost: R150 (only What's On Page advert)

Members: Free
Facebook Assistance
Everyone seems to advertise on Facebook, and you are often told, promote yourself on Facebook. You worried about your safety, as you heard so many stories. You are not technically minded. Overwhelmed by so many posts. Wonder why nobody contacts you on Facebook? It just does not seem to work for you? Are you doing it right? The promised help never seems to understand what you want.  

Sound familiar?

Over the years, I found tricks and tips in understanding Facebook and how to make it work for The Holistic Fayre, Bothasig.  

Allow us to guide and help you as you improve your Facebook skills.  

Cost: Depends what you require
WhatsApp Broadcast
WhatsApp Broadcast is not the dreaded WhatsApp Group, where you are inundated with constant messages (hate being part of a group – and often put it on silent or remove myself).  

Sound familiar?

What is WhatsApp Broadcast?
Very simply put (I like things simple and easy). You receive a message from me directly without being hassled by other responses (believe me, I do receive a lot of responses back, but only I can see them and respond).

You receive messages directly, this allows you to respond directly to me only –without others reading it or knowing about it.

Basically, it is a type of folder, where I save your name and number, and when I send out messages, I click on your name.

To receive these messages, you have to save +27 82 637 7416 and send WhatsApp with Your Name and Holistic as message. I do have a few WhatsApp Broadcasts, and would love to know which one to add you too.

From time to time, you will receive short messages announcing: articles written by our authors, Members Secret Shopping and Events

If you ever want to leave the WhatsApp Broadcast, please send me a message.

This is free for everyone
Editor's Note
Over the years, most of you know me. You have read the newsletters, the gazettes and attended the Holistic Fayre, Bothasig. You have seen the way I advertise Members and the market itself. I do spend a lot of time advertising and promoting.

I have invested a lot of time with the readers and healers at The Holistic Fayre, Bothasig. Received numerous sessions and discovered new products sold. Quickly learned to separate the good from the bad. I have fiercely promoted Members, as I know they will live to your expectations. Members, I would say are like Verified Exhibitors. I know you will receive value for money, and not be taken for a ride. A very good and personal relationship exists between us.

Their adverts are often splashed all over social media, Whatsapp Broadcast, newsletters, gazette and sometimes newspapers or radio. In fact anywhere and everywhere I can promote them.

You are welcome to contact any Member, to find out how their personal sales has improved or how they became a household name.  Note that some Members have been with me for a few years.  

You will recognize their name

Yes, with lockdown, I have not done that much promoting of them, hence I have extended and adjusted their contract. Members are very special to me.

Hugs and Blessings