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5 Ways to Cool Your Home This Summer and Save Money Doing It! 



Summer can make you and your bank account sweat. Kenmark Air has 5 progressive money-saving solutions:


1. Invest in Aeroseal - This breakthrough technology seals air leaks from the inside (including those you're unable to see or access on your own), and is more efficient and cost effective than outdated materials, like mastic or taping. Aeroseal won't break down over time and has a 10 year warrantee.


2. "App"-ly yourself - The MyInfinity app offered by Carrier has a wi-fi powered "Touch" function that allows you to view, adjust, and control your home's energy output from anywhere.


3. Do your research - When installing a new system, make sure your contractor is certified and trained in the latest HVAC technologies. The Building Performance Institute and Comfort Institute both offer reputable certifications to look for. Also check for recommendations via customer testimonials. Word of mouth is a great reliable source, so use it!


4. Think long term - "Green", energy-efficient units may be more costly upfront, but will undoubtedly lead to lower utility bills over time. Ask us which model and SEER efficiency unit would be the best fit for your home.


5. Audit yourself - Do you find that your home accumulates dust even after cleaning, or that some rooms are warmer than others? It may be wise to invest in a whole-home diagnostic test. Home performance contracting (where professionals conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home) can determine performance levels and identify the roots of any problems.


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