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Work Family Resource Center (WFRC) is a 
 501(c) 3 non-profit child care resource and referral agency committed to providing  consumer education, child care referrals and resources to support quality child care.

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Participants at the Save our Babies walk at the  Centenary 
United Methodist Church.

5 Things You Should Know About Voting in North Carolina

1. You don't need to show ID to vote in person on Election Day or to vote early in person

2. You can still vote a straight ticket. voting a straight ticket allow you to click a single button to vote for  all candidates in one party. 

3. Early voting stays happens between a 17 day window. Those days are: 10/20/2016 - 11/5/2016.   
4. You can vote by paper and by touch screen.

5. If you cast a vote in the wrong precinct you will be given a provisional ballot.  

Learn more the restored law here

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Voting


PBS You Choose gives kids an unbiased way to meet presidential candidates, create a campaign poster, and provides t trading cards of past presidents,current presidents and their spouses.

Scholastic's Electoral Map gives kids an in-depth summary of the Electoral College. It's an interactive map that's very easy to navigate and talks about things like how many votes it takes to win in regards to the electoral college, and how electors within the electoral college pick the president. 

Read the full article here.

Check it Out!
Teach your kids how to give back this Halloween. Read more here!


Job Help!
The Winston-Salem Urban League is having a job fair October 26, 2016 with over 50 ready-to-hire companies. Sign up  here.



Print This!
Check out this printable craft from the national  National CACFP Sponsor Association (NCA). 

Looking for Child Care Financial Assistance?

WFRC offers scholarships to assist families with children ages 
0-5  years, who are not able to afford the full cost of child care.  Families are encouraged to apply.

We currently have a waiting list in which all wait-list families will be contacted to discuss next steps as funds become  available. Get ahead  of the  curve and   apply today .


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