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Septrmber / 2012
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Our Annual FALL SALE is ON NOW.
Save 20-75% thru 9/19
Some Fall Sale Inspiring Specials
thru 9/19
Clematis etoille violettte
All Hardy Trees and Shrubs
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Hardy Perennials and Vines
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Hardy Perennial Herbs and Veggies
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Annual Color , Hanging Baskets and "Tender" Perennials
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2-5g Thimbleberries
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#5g. Gold Flame Spiraea
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#15g Mugo Pines
reg. 99.99-119.99 $59.99 each.
1/2 Wine Barrels
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OMRI certified organic fertilizer for EVERYTHING
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Large Fiberglass Pots for outdoors
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ALL Composts. Mulches and Potting Soils:
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Lake Tahoe Master Gardener Training
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Thursdays 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. from September 13 through November 15, 2012; plus two Saturdays Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on August 7, 2012.
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In case I confused some of you with the last e-mail (that required "Clicking Here" to see the actual sale flier), I thought I should clarify that our annual FALL SALE, with tons of huge savings off of nearly everything in the store, has started. We're also extending the sale through September 17th.
Potatoes 1 w pick
5 Paths to Abundance
1. Plant Trees and Shrubs Now. Deciduous trees and shrubs including apples and berries will produce as much as 80% of their annual root system expansion in fall, AFTER they lose their leaves. Don't miss this opportunity for amazing growth in your garden.
(Trees and Shrubs 20% off and Buy-2-get-1-FREE fruit trees and berry bushes)
2. Plant Perennials Now. Perennial flowers, herbs and vegetables will produce many more roots this fall. They'll rest in your soil over winter and rise with our natural spring schedule to produce far more bounty next summer.
(Flowering perennials 30% off, perennial herbs and vegetables 50% off!)
3. Apply Biosol in Fall. Biosol is a humus rich, natural and organic, slow-releasing fertilizer that improves soil while providing essential nutrients for plants and the billions of micro-allies that help plants thrive. For gardens, orchards, flowers, lawns, meadows and forests. 4. Topdress Your Gardens.  Applying Gromulch, Bumpercrop or Black Forest Mulch over the soil between plants protects shallow roots, introduces composting microorganisms, ads humus and provides a perfect transition layer under coarser wood or bark mulches. Gardens with more mulch suffered far less in last winter's drought.
(ALL mulches, composts and potting soils are buy-4-get-1-FREE through 9/17)
5. Go into winter with moist soil.  Make sure that after the plants have gone dormant, you continue to water occasionally to keep soil moisture plentiful.  Your plants' expanding root systems need the moisture to keep on going long after the tops appear to be asleep.  We often say water one-last-time around Thanksgiving but you may need to water after that.
Wildflowers Across America T-Shirt
Wildflower T-Shirt
We used to carry the whole range of these T's with colorful and accurate watercolors by local artist and friend Celia Howe.  We came across a case of XL shirts and wanted to offer them up.

Our Price:
$ 6.00 ea or (3 for $15.)
List Price: $ 14.99
Nepeta Siberica Hemig
Deer-PROOF and Beautiful
IF you want a fast growing, dramatic flowering perennial with excellent color and strong deer repellency, plant Siberian Catmint.
Along with Daffodils (and all the other Narcissus) and Lavender, Siberian Catmint is never browsed by deer. I have seen many instances where all the plants around the Catmint are actually protected by the strong odor this plant produces. (this is a picture of the Hemig's Catmint on the 2011 garden tour)...  also check out "Nepetaism and Hummingbirds" for a fun description.
Sale Prices:   4" @ $2.99  *  #1g $4.99  *  #2g @ 8.99
Regular: 4" @ $5.99, #1g $9.99, & #2g @ 19.99
Check-Out the sale flier on the Villager Nursery web-site and visit our Facebook page. (Eric will post some photos from the desert and don't forget to "like" us while you are there.  "FALL IS FOR PLANTING" id far more than some marketing hype in our climate, it is absolutely accurate and IF you are planning on gardening next spring, doing what you can this fall will pay-off exponentially.
Hope you all get out there and enjoy OUR season.  Have some fun.
Eric, Rob and Sarah from your Villager Nursery.
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off one bag
Biosol January Pic
Biosol is an excellent slow-releasing organic fertilizer with with tremendous soil improving consequences. Biosol offers balanced nutrition and supplies plants with micro- and macronutrients throughout the growing seasons while remaining stable when plants are dormant. Biosol is OMRI listed. We use it on EVERYTHING.  Feel free to share this with friends. We have WAY more specials over the next 2 weeks: learn more here.
Expires 9/17, Coupon must be presented, ONE more coupon per household,
Feel free to share coupons with anyone.