Five on Friday [R]esource Summary
  1. Indiana Regional MLS End User License Agreement (EULA) Click-thru
  2. SentriKey® Real Estate System Security Enhancements
  3. Timely and Accurate MLS Data
  4. Most Common ListingDIV Notices
  5. Sold Listings for Comps or Volume
IRMLS Login Click-thru Agreement
On Wednesday, September 1, 2021 all users of IRMLS will will need to agree to the recertified End User License Agreement (EULA) when logging into IRMLS to gain access to the Paragon MLS system.
Agreeing to the Indiana Regional MLS LLC recertified Subscriber Agreement is required for MLS access. Once you click "Agree" you will no longer receive this message. Clicking "Disagree" will redirect back to the login screen and will not be able to access Paragon IRMLS until you click "Agree".
SentriKey® Real Estate System Security Enhancements
On Wednesday, September 1, 2021 SentriLock® is implementing an extra layer of security to the SentriKey® Real Estate website and SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app with the addition of account security questions and cell phone verification. 
The process will include selecting and answering two questions from a predetermined list, along with cell phone verification.
The Importance of Accurate MLS Information
To ensure robust MLS data for use by real estate appraisers, agents, and broker subscribers of IRMLS, users must provide accurate and timely data as set by IRMLS procedures and rules. Not only is complete and accurate data important to effectively market a property, but the long term benefit is better, more accurate appraisals and CMA's for future listing support.
The benefits of detailed listings in the MLS range from greater market exposure to efficiently matching buyer and sellers together to accurate market analysis to the most important of all: reliable appraisals.

So you may be asking “what type of information should be included in the MLS?” My answer to that is - as much information as possible! Seriously, though, the more information the better. This is especially true of the features that we know have a direct influence on value. Detailed data in features, amenities, and remarks fields not only help sell a property, but help appraisers substantiate value for the property as well as make good comps for future sales...and we ALL want that.

Maximize your listing's effectiveness by providing as much detail as possible with:
  1. Pictures
  2. Features
  3. Amenities
  4. and detailed descriptive data in Remarks fields!

Bottom line: the success of appraisers and real estate agents alike is directly related to the accuracy, amount, and quality of information that each provides.
ListingDIV - not Spam! (From: "ListingDIV")
How to respond to the most common notices from IRMLS's automated listing compliance checking system - ListingDIV.
Note: A notice is not necessarily a violation, but action is needed to resolve and may also need to be taken to avoid a violation.

  1. 48 Hour Closing Rule
  2. Marketing Remarks Not Related to Property
  3. Input Date vs. Listing Date
  4. Duplicate Listing
  5. Marketing Remarks - Fair Housing Blocklist

From: "ListingDIV" <listingdiv@listingdiv.com>
Subject: ListingDIV Automated Notification

ListingDIV notices are sent to Listing Agent and include MLS# and Address of listing in question. Review the 'Audit Status' (you'll see: Notice, Urgent Notice, Override/OK'd, Fixed, Fine, and sometimes Fine 2 ) and any instructions for resolution in the 'Comment' field.

Together, the Rule Name; Rule Description; and Comment can provide information to resolve the notice. The ListingDIV system requires action to resolve notices. If you think you have 'fixed' your listing but are still receiving notices check the 'Comment' field. Most notices provide instructions for resolution.

To respond through ListingDIV you'll login to listingdiv.com with the same login credentials you use for Paragon MLS. You can also forward the notice with explanation or question to info@raci.org and RACI MLS Staff will reach out if further steps are necessary.

The ListingDIV system is intended to foster accountability and compliance in our marketplace of IRMLS rules, correction of MLS data, and education and support of our subscribers.
Sold Listings for Comps or Volume
Builder, FSBO, or out of MLS listing may be entered in IRMLS within 30 days of closing.
When entering a sold property in the MLS to be used for comps or volume tracking, make sure to indicate whether the seller was a builder, private (FSBO), or agent outside of IRMLS. RACI MLS Staff must be notified to change list agent to RACI Nonmember.

The more detailed the listing input, the more valuable the comp data will be. Don't forget any pictures must be yours to avoid copyright violation (don't copy from the primary MLS listing).

Listing, Pending & Closing Dates
  • Builder/FSBO properties were not exposed to the MLS market all dates (listing, pending, closing) should be closing date.
  • Listing from another MLS can use dates as stated in the listing's primary MLS.

(form also available in IRMLS on Paragon homepage)
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