Time for a new dryer? Keeping up to date with drying technology will improve your process and your bottom-line!
July, 2017

"Are you telling me that if I had purchased this dryer a year ago it would have paid for itself by now?"
   Our reply, 'Yes, and if you purchase it now it will be paid for in another year.'

To help you to think through your drying needs, I have put together 5 reasons that processors put off buying new dryers, to help you see your way to improving the bottom line.

First, have you ever had an old dryer break down or wear out, and you thought, "I think we have an old dryer in the warehouse we can use for this job? " I would contend that you should instead build on that breakdown to acquire new dryer technology that will save you a great deal of energy and improve your profits.   In most cases, old dryers, just like old water heaters and old cars, eat up huge amounts of energy compared with today's environmentally advanced products.   Today's dryers assure accurate and uniform temperatures, control air flow to heat every pellet, employ dew points as low as minus 131 degrees Fahrenheit, and reduce drying times to as low as 20 minutes.  We don't have to tell you that faster drying times for quicker start-ups and changeovers save you money!

A second reason - how many times have you walked by a molding cell and asked yourself, "Why are all those rejects sitting there?"   Your dryer may well be the issue. Inappropriate drying can be the first cause of product rejects.   As one of our customers said to me, "It is true that a molder like us can damage our customer's material by over drying it."   To avoid over drying, you need to tie the dryer monitoring to your process monitoring. Have you done that yet?   Our HPD portable dryers, dual hopper portable dryers , central dryers and hopper mount dryers all are available with mobile or Ethernet communications systems that allow you to control drying with a Dri-touch controller on a 7 inch color touch screen. And we even have wireless systems that you can control from your I-phone or Android mobile device.

The third reason to get a new dryer can be expressed as a question, "Why can't we use the hot air dryer that came with the molding machine?"

Yes, we have an APP for that! 

Download the handy Dri-Air APP today!

The Dri-Air "Drying APP" application is a complete database of drying information including application forms, presentations, brochures and manuals.  The application is designed to store all the information locally on the tablet or phone to ensure all sales materials can be viewed easily and without internet access The APP is available for IOS as well as Android Devices.
To download the application go to  http://www.anashtech.com/driairAPP/ and click on the icon.
Here are full instructions for each. Just click on the link and follow the instructions to download:
If you have any questions please contact us at  sales@dri-air.com