Five on Friday [R]esource Summary
  1. SentriKey® Mobile App Best Practice
  2. Know issue launching the SentriCard Utility
  3. IAR & IRMLS Forms Availability
  4. IAR Forms Video Series
  5. Resource Center for RACI Members (REALTOR® & MLS Only)
SentriKey® Mobile App Best Practice
All users should open their SentriKey® Real Estate app each day before leaving home or the office by launching the SentriKey® Real Estate app on your mobile device. By authenticating in this manner, your credentials are good for 24 hours and when interacting with the SentriLock Bluetooth® lockbox, it requires only a Bluetooth connection to open the key door, even if you're out of cell coverage.
In today’s fast paced market, your client expects their home will be easy to show to potential buyers. RACI offers the Bluetooth® accessible lockboxes that do not require any cell phone or Wi-Fi coverage to connect with the SentriKey® Mobile App. Therefore, if you are in an area lacking coverage, accessing a Bluetooth® accessible lockbox, you will not be locked out from your lockbox. Updating your app using Wi-Fi or cell data also allows for a more seamless Bluetooth® connection.
SentriCard® Users
There is a known issue with launching the SentriCard® Utility program in Google Chrome. To renew your SentriCard®, please use the following steps to launch the program in Internet Explorer browser:
1. If card is in card reader, remove card and close SentriCard® Utility program
2. Open SentriCard® Utility program
- Click on SentriCard® Utility (in upper left hand corner next to “Help”)
- Click on Select Web Browser
- Click Internet Explorer, then click OK
3. Insert SentriCard® into card reader and follow normal steps to renew SentriCard®.

REMINDER: Effective January 1, 2022 SentriLock will officially retire the SentriCard® as an access means for SentriLock lockboxes.

RACI understands that while you may still want to use the SentriCard®, the SentriKey® Real Estate App allows for a more accessible and quicker way to navigate your on the market needs. The upgrade will save you time and make it easier to manage business with your clients. SentriKey® is moving forward with retiring the SentriCards® by January 1, 2022 meaning the cards will no longer be functional. It is important to transition from the card to the app prior to the retirement date, to ensure your business does not come to a halt in 2022. RACI is with you each step of the way to answer questions and concerns about the transition.
In 2022, zipForm® Plus, zipLogix Digital Ink®, and zipForm® Mobile will all be part of your IAR membership regardless of whether you are a state primary or secondary member with Indiana REALTORS®. Additionally, all RACI members & IRMLS through RACI members have access through Transactions (zipForm Edition) & DotLoop to a set of IRMLS forms.
Statewide transactional forms may be the most underappreciated of the IAR member benefits. They’re just a tool to conduct business, right? No more exciting than your computer or phone. Let’s challenge that. Our forms are—

  • Standardized to save you time during a transaction. You and the “other guy” know what’s expected.
  • Updated annually by a committee of IAR attorneys and members to keep you compliant with the law and current with professional practice.
  • Online with electronic signature capability to help you meet client demands.
  • A great value. There’s no need to consult an attorney for each move.

IRMLS forms are also available in Transactions (zipForm Edition) & DotLoop for MLS Only users. Please contact us to help connecting your existing accounts with these forms.

IAR Forms Video Series
While the market is beginning to calm down, it's still a great time to take advantage of the forms video series from IAR Legal Team:
GrowthZone Association Management System
In early 2021, RACI moved to a new association management system, GrowthZone. This platform allows staff to better engage, support, and understand our membership - Affiliates, REALTORS® & MLS Only.
Create your Member login here and access a dynamic member community where you can securely review your membership details, keep your contact information up-to-date, register and pay for upcoming events, and eventually search our REALTOR® & Affiliate member directories. While primarily for staff, members will notice a few changes, including the billing feature and event registration.

With GrowthZone members can quickly register online for upcoming events or training, and easily and securely store credit card information for future MLS tech fee payments, event tickets, or fundraising donations.
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