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  1. Understanding Fair Housing laws help reduce risks around 'Love Letters'
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  3. Broker Compensation and Referral Fee Agreements - IAR Video #9
  4. RPR® presents Episode 4 in Decoding Real Estate podcast
  5. Looking for an in-person CE opportunity? We've got one!
Reduce Risk Around “Buyer Love Letters” 
There are many questions about the use of so-called “buyer love letters” and the legal and ethical issues they can create. Buyer love letters are letters buyers use to attach to their offer or mail to the sellers describing themselves and their appreciation for the house in the hope that the sellers will be moved by their words to accept their offer. They are used frequently in high demand, low supply markets.
I’m a listing agent — how do I reduce risk for client and myself?

NAR recommends that you first educate your sellers about the fair housing laws and the pitfalls of accepting buyer love letters. Here are three excellent resources:

Your seller may say that any information contained in the letter will not influence their decision and that they would like to review them. In this case, talk to them about the concept of implicit bias, something which most people have but are unaware of, and which could inadvertently influence their decision. For more information on implicit bias, watch “Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing” and take the Implicit Association Test from the Perception Institute.

Ultimately, their decision to accept or reject an offer should be based on objective criteria only. Decide with your clients that you will not accept buyer love letters at all, and consider adding something like, “no buyer love letters will be accepted or read by the sellers” under agent remarks of the MLS. (This will help buyers’ agents reinforce this with their clients, too.)

Lastly, consider documenting all offers received and the seller’s objective reasoning for accepting the offer they did and why the others were rejected, when applicable.
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IAR Forms Video Series - Broker Compensation and Referral Fee Agreements
Video #9 on IAR forms is now available. Watch as General Counsel Richelle Cohen Mossler discusses the Broker Compensation and Referral Fee Agreements. Catch up on videos 1-8 too! 
Decoding Real Estate: Growing Business Through Your CRM With Ricardo Bueno
You hear the acronym “CRM” all the time in real estate, and you probably even know it stands for Customer Relationship Management. But… are you really managing it? Ricardo Bueno, from Follow Up Boss, can help. His first take? “Your phone is not your CRM!”
Ricardo joins Decoding Real Estate to offer strategies, tactics and checklists for utilizing a CRM to its fullest potential. Get tips for managing your contacts, mastering the software, automating “busy” tasks, engaging your sphere, how to revive your touchpoint campaigns, and how to evaluate and segment your database.

Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett.
Looking for in-person CE?
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RACI REALTOR® & MLS Only members can sign up through the Resource Center for RACI Members. Cost is based on the type of membership you have with RACI.

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