Five on Friday [R]esource Summary
  1. Access over 150 legal transaction forms through zipForms
  2. Don't forget to submit your LCS Seller Authorization form
  3. Working with a FSBO or Builder?
  4. Homesnap Pro Connecting with Clients 101
  5. Understanding the lawsuits threatening agent commissions
Form Library - Over 150 forms
The forms library on the zipForm platform contains necessary transactional forms from IAR for Residential & Commercial, IRMLS, and CINCH Home Services
Before you start your next transaction take a minute to look through the forms libraries on the zipForm platform. You can see 'ALL' or sort by IARRES, CNH, IARCOM, or IRMLS.

The following forms are available in the IAR Residential Library:
Acknowledgement of Presented Offer
Addendum(s) to List. Contract
Addendum(s) to Inspection Response
Addendum(s) to Purch. Agreement
Agreement Regarding Personal Property
Alternative Dispute Resolution Addendum2
Amendment(s) to List. Contract
Amendment to Purchase Agreement(s)
Amendment to Lease Agreement
Amendment to Residential Lease Agreement(s)
As Is Addendum to P.A.
Back Up Offer Addendum
Broker Compensation Agreement
Buyer's Estimated Closing Costs
Buyer's Exclusive Agency Contract
Buyer's Inspection Resp. Acceptance of Prop
Buyer's Inspection Resp. Conditional Acceptance(s)
Buyer's Pre-Qualifying Form
COVID-19 Addendum/Amendment
COVID-19 Listing Contract Addendum/Amendment2
COVID-19 Showing Disclosure and Waiver
Confidentiality Agreement
Consent to Transfer E.M.
Counter Offer(s)
Disclosure of Interest Addendum
Escalation Clause Addendum to PA
FSBO/Builder Compensation Agreement2
Final Walk-Through Form
Financing Addendum
First Right Addendum to P.A.
Lead Based Paint (Rentals)
Lead Based Paint (Sales)
Limited Agency Agreement
Limited Purchase Contingency Right
Listing Contract Improved
Listing Contract Unimproved
Listing Contract to Lease
Multiple Offer Notification
Mutual Release from Buyer Agency
Mutual Release from Listing
Mutual Release from P.A.
Notice of Termination
Option To Purchase Property
Pre-Closing Possession Agreement
Purchase Agreement (Improved Property)
Purchase Agreement (Unimproved Property)
Radon Inspection Response
Referral Fee Agreement
Removal(s) of Contingency
Request for Ext. of Time for Inspection Response(s)
Residential Lease
Seller's Estimated Net Proceeds
Seller's Inspection Response(s)
Seller's Residential R.E. Disclosure
Shared Listing Agree. Addendum
Short Sale Addendum to Listing
Short Sale Addendum to P.A.
Sight Unseen Acknowledgement (Sale)
Signature Page Addendum(s)
Withdrawal of Offer/Counter Offer
Looking for IRMLS data entry forms, the updated Listed Coming Soon Seller Authorization (#2), or Registered Office Exclusive form (#3)? You'll find MLS related forms in the IRMLS library.
Have a listing not ready for showings?
The Listed Coming Soon (LCS) status makes it easy to market a property with delayed showing availability - but you'll need to submit the LCS Seller Authorization form to RACI when you enter the listing in Paragon
Listing Agreement signed ✔
Seller ready for showings ❌
SOLUTION: have seller sign the Listed Coming Soon Seller Authorization form, pick a start showing date within 21 days of signatures, enter listing in Paragon, send form to RACI 🎉

The Listed Coming Soon Seller Authorization form is available in the IRMLS zipForm Library (mentioned above), in MLS Documents folders on Paragon or on the RACI Paragon Homepage under the Bulletin Board section (LCS Authorization Form).

Make sure to submit to info@raci.org as instructed when listing is entered in Paragon.
Working with FSBO or Builder?
Choosing a Listing Contract or FSBO Agreement when working with a FSBO or Builder
Representing Seller by providing services and marketing property with IRMLS
Using a Listing Agreement requires listings of real property that are taken by participants on exclusive right-to-sell listing contracts and exclusive agency listing contracts to be delivered to IRMLS within three (3) calendar days (excluding holidays), or within one (1) business day of public marketing.

Under a Listing Agreement, agents represent the seller and provide services, such as accepting and presenting clients' offers and counteroffers, assisting clients in negotiations; and answering clients' questions relating to offers, notices, and contingencies. The seller is made aware of the advantages of marketing real property with the MLS and the potential results of excluding a property from the MLS.

Bringing the Buyer to a Builder or FSBO property
When you are representing a Buyer, a FSBO/Builder Compensation Agreement ensures you are compensated by the Seller when the Seller is attempting to sell real property without the assistance of a licensed real estate broker. A FSBO/Builder Compensation Agreement does not require the transaction to be entered in IRMLS.
Listing Contract
  1. Submitted to IRMLS within three (3) calendar days (excluding holidays) or one (1) business day of public marketing.
  2. Not submitting to IRMLS? Registered Office Exclusive form* must be submitted to RACI within three (3) calendar days (excluding holidays) and NO public marketing is allowed.

FSBO/Builder Compensation Agreement
  1. Not required to be entered in IRMLS.
  2. Can be entered AFTER closing if you'd like your transaction to be recorded for volume tracking or future comp purposes.
  3. After entering in IRMLS listing must be submitted through 'Sold Comp Listing Change Form' button on Paragon for RACI MLS Staff to change Listing Agent to RACI Nonmember.

*The Registered Office Exclusive form is available in the IRMLS zipForm Library
Homesnap Pro
Connecting With Clients 101
Homesnap Pro allows agents to strike the appropriate balance between automation and engagement. Agents have the key tools to streamline their client communications and grow
their business pipeline, without having to sacrifice the level of service they provide their clients. Clients receive access to accurate and updated real-estate data that the Pros use, allowing them to feel more empowered throughout their transaction process. The results? Genuine and fulfilling agent-to-client relationships.

  • Ensure your client has the most updated and accurate housing information available through a national search portal
  • Form an exclusive relationship with that client upon their acceptance, becoming the only agent they see when searching for properties in Homesnap
  • Enable streamlined communication for sharing properties, scheduling showings, discussing offers, and more
  • Receive automatic updates about homes your clients are favoriting or snapping

Additional Resources for connecting with Clients
Understanding the Lawsuits Threatening Agent Commissions
The past couple of weeks have been filled with headlines of courtroom battles aimed at the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and several prominent real estate companies across the U.S.
From alleged anti-competitive practices to buyers and sellers taking issue with longstanding commission structure policies, one could argue that the industry faces an existential crisis that could yield potentially disastrous consequences.

It may be challenging to keep track of the most impactful lawsuits, so to save time, here are a few of the top court cases carrying significant implications.

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