CAMP- PLAY- ENJOY at the USBA CAMP for $90/night
PortlandBasketball is working with United States Basketball Academy (USBA - 4 photos above) to allow our people to use this facility as a camp- for just $90/night.

I stayed there now 5 days- and it was indeed camping- the smell of the outdoors- all of the outdoor fun of camping, but without having to be in a tent. In fact, this is camping with all of the following: your own room, an outdoor swimming pool, fishing pond, a state of the art indoor basketball facility with two open courts, outdoor courts (my kids used the outdoor courts to skate on), and a weight room. And the USBA is right next to the McKenzie River so there is access to river rafting - and other McKenzie river activities per your choice. This USBA camp- is located 50 miles east of Eugene.

For just $90 per night, you can get a room at this facility. The room includes a queen bed and bunk bed with a private bathroom- (basically a hotel room); the room accommodates 3 to 4 people (pictures of the room available upon request). Get the JOY of CAMPING but without having to deal with a tent and all of that mess!

To reserve a room / to get more info see bottom of email. I plan to be there with my kids at least 4 times this summer (great to get out of the city and get a workout and camp). This deal is good from now - Oct 1. Social distancing questions- the camp is built for 200 participants- but during the time from now to Oct 1- there will be perhaps 20 people on this campus, so you will be as spread out- as you want to be.
State of the art Dr. Dish for you to use; there are 4 shooting machines. Get a lot of shots up (for free) w/your stay!
United States Basketball Academy has trained 100s of NBA players & 1000s of Overseas players
Also hoping to have these 3 things going by Sept 29-
Pickleball- America's fastest growing sport

We will be resuming indoor Pickleball September 29th. Pickleball is pretty easy to stay socially distanced. Drop in pickleball will be at Columbia Christian School on 91st and East Burnside. Text 503-380-4539 for more info.
Rose City Adult Volleyball

Check out our new adult volleyball league this Fall. League starts September 29th.We will have rules to allow for social distance. Games will be played at Columbia Christian School. Cost: $567 for 10 matches. Text 503-380-4539 for more info
We plan to rent out hoops to those of you who want to get IN a gym to shoot around. We plan to start on Sept 29th. Cost is $8 per person/per 70 minutes. Social distance will mean that you & (your inner Covid-circle partner/family) will shoot on your one rented hoop (no games).
We cannot wait to play basketball games again! Leagues will resume as soon as the Governor allows. There are about 130 teams that still have games left (from where they left off on March 13th)- and those will be played when we resume. Note that- teams can opt to 'hold' their games even later to start when the team feels comfortable.
More details on USBA camp

  1. How to 'officially' hold your spot: text or email me (Mikal Duilio) about your dates and then Venmo Bruce ONeil (founder of the camp) at- @Bruce-ONeil-3 and then text Mikal Duilio something like 'paid Bruce' so I know this is a lock.  
  2. Check in 3pm: if you show up early, you can walk around- shoot some buckets in the gym- but 3pm is when someone from the camp can meet you at the 'great hall' to get you keys; you will text Mikal as you pull up- so Mikal can let the person at the camp know you are there. You can be early but do not expect access to the room till 3pm.
  3. Check out is 12noon: so that the cleaner can turn over the room. You are welcome to shoot around or hang out another 1 to 2 hours till 2pm, but you must be fully out of the room by noon and not go back (as they are setting up for the next renter).
  4. Social distancing: so the camp is built for 200 people- and this lodging offer will be offered in unique times where the camp is not active (August- Sept 14th for example); this means that- the teams, mostly overseas teams that come in to train at USBA are inactive at this time, so the camp is basically empty during your stay (perhaps 8 to 25 people in a camp suited for 200 people) so it is very easy to social distance.
  5. Other people in your lodge: you are renting a room, the room is in a lodge (lodges are 6 room facilities with a common area). Yes other rooms might be booked but your room is like a hotel room- your own mini fridge- your own TV, your own beds, your own bathroom so you do not need to interact with others if you choose not to.
  6. Shared common area in the lodge- includes couches- TV area, table and kitchen (as seen in photos below). If you use common area, clean up after yourself please.
  7. Meeting other people- if anyone is down there- when you are there, they would be people connected to PortlandBasketball- coming down for the same reason and yes- you could end up meeting some cool people BUT if you want to avoid that, you can avoid that very easily as there is a lot of space and your room is your room.
  8. Other people on the basketball court: expect this NOT to be an issue as the basketball facility is huge- and people down there to shoot around are probably- randomly going to be at different times. When I was there recently, I was the only in the gym shooting- both times I went to the gym.
  9. Basketball gym access: 24 hours but be sure children do not bring in scooters or skates or use non-basketball shoes on the floor. That said, past 9pm- a parent must be in the gym- any time kids are in the gym.
  10. Outdoor courts: my kids brought roller skates and scooters and enjoyed that outdoor concrete immensely (my kids do not play basketball - but loved this camp).
  11. Other people in the pool: just like the basketball court- there will probably not be anyone else using the pool when you use it, but if so- you might ask them when they are done (for need social distance) and they will be kind enough to let you know. When I was there- me and my kids were the only ones using the pool- the entire day.
  12. Each room has a queen bed and a bunk bed (bunk bed- which means two twins on a bunk frame). The top bunk is for kids (not adults)- and of course, each bed has blankets and pillows.
  13. Each room is intended to max out at 4 people: the queen bed could be two people and the bunk set is 2 people maximum.
  14. Cable TV: yes there is Cable TV in each room and in the common areas
  15. Wifi: yes the camp has WiFi that you can access
  16. Nearby restaurant and nearby grocery market- yes walking distance from the camp (you can see it- from the entrance)
  17. Fishing pond- not guaranteed to have fish- but it was stocked a few times. You will not need a license to fish as this is private lake. You will however need to bring your own pole and gear (or you can purchase that- just up the street at the market).
  18. Other things to do near the USBA camp- this camp is across the street from the McKenzie river- so there are parks and various places to enjoy the river nearby; you will see many of these places as you drive along this scenic route to the camp.
  19. River rafting- a company that does this- is located on the USBA Campus - very convenient (owner of the USBA Bruce O'Neil - his son Matt runs this and Matt is a great guy and a great guide). For $55 per person, you can be on the river rafting for 2.5 hours! If you want to consider booking out a raft with Matt, text Mikal 503-380-4539 with date you want to do this- and we will text you back times that would work. Level of rapids is 2 to 3. Minimum # of people to book a trip is 4 but price goes to $70, ideal trips are 5 to 6 people with a maximum of 8 people. Matt's company name is- AllStarOutfitters (.net)
  20. Fishing on the McKenzie River in a boat with a guide (read above) the same guy Matt O'Neil has boats and gear to individualize a fishing trip for you. To get prices, you would text Mikal simply with a date and # of people (Mikal will text an option or two back to you).
  21. The quality of room- my description: it was spotless- clean- wonderful- adequate- but I guess from a design or luxury standpoint it might be a C grade. The overall experience though is that I got to go 'camping' and have the full 'camp/outdoor' experience without being in a tent, so I viewed my room in that context as an A+.  
  22. The quality of overall camping experience &athletic options: your trip is not about the room- this trip is about being in a camp- without having the mess of a tent, without cooking food in that camping manner. This $90 experience/room is about getting out of town, swimming again, being outdoors, working out- camping without the mess!
  23. Camp address: 54705 McKenzie Hwy Blue River Oregon 97413
  24. Pets- no pets allowed- sorry
  25. Campfires- currently fire season is in effect so no campfires allowed
  26. There is no stove- but there are 2 warmer burnrs in the shared section of the lodge-
  27. Propane bbq grill- costs and extra $15 and USBA will put a grill- with propane on your porch of where you are staying- for you to use during your stay ($15 total)
  28. Grocery store down the street- has everything- but more expensive than your Safeway by probably 40%.
  29. Below: are 10 more pictures of the USBA camp experience... any questions not answered here- please text Mikal Duilio at 5033804539
  30. Coming soon in a separate email- 'USBA Bubble' Camp for middle school and high school kids (7 days camps for middle school) (14 day camps for high school) similar to NBA in which your child gets dropped off and stay in the bubble- to get 7 or 14 days of high level training . An email coming out will push 22 details of the BUBBLE CAMP. If you have interest or initial questions, text them to 5033804539.
The bathroom (of your rented room)
The room you are renting (each room has a TV and has Cable TV)
Common kitchen area (each lodge has 6 rooms and a common area- with kitchen and TV room)
Weight room on campus
Add a rafting adventure on the Mckenzie (optional extra cost- can be arranged- text 5033804539)
Outdoor hoops- for my kids this was used many times as a skating area- scooter area
Outdoor seating at the restaurant (walking distance)
USBA camp entrance
Outside view of the- indoor basketball facility
The restaurant - walking distance away