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Vol. 3, Issue 2  (March 13/15)
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5 Ways to use Social Media to engage youth job seekers

At a recent workshop offered as part of the Ideas Forum: Engaging Employers & Youth in Workforce Transformation, Cher Jones, Corporate Social Media Trainer with Socially Active shared valuable tips on how to use social media to engage youth job seekers.

1. Embrace how youth are using social media (ie. using emoticons, message and text, following them back on Twitter, sharing funny items, tagging and mentioning them, using hashtags, and encouraging them to take selfies.

2. Get on Instagram: half of all Internet users in the age group of 18-29 are using Instagram.

3. Use video to engage youth.

4. Think mobile first: youth will be looking at social media or your site via their mobile device.

5. Design your advertising of job fairs and programs to stand out in their feeds (ie. strong graphic, not much text, relay the main information).

Job placement agency expects 'respectable' hiring for Hamilton in Q2

A new Manpower Employment Outlook Survey predicts a "respectable" hiring outlook for Hamilton in the second quarter of this year.

The placement agency's quarterly survey predicts 23 per cent of respondents plan to hire during the second quarter, while 74 per cent plan to maintain current employment levels.
Only three per cent of respondents expect cutbacks during the quarter.
New report: Government as Employer of Skilled Immigrants

Governments are Canada's largest employers. Yet, immigrants are only about half as likely to work in the public sector compared to the Canadian-born population. This is despite them being a key factor in net labour force growth across the country.

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