5 ways to make the most of this crazy COVID holiday season
I am a Christmas fanatic. I wear fairly gauche Christmas socks all through December. I start counting down to the 25th in early October. I make homemade advent calendars—including one for my dog Olive. The list goes on.  

The point being, I care about Christmas too forking much to let COVID “win”. Plus, I am too stubborn to let anything “get me”. No one, and nothing, steals my joy!!  

I have spent a lot of time noodling over how I can “manage” this season. How I can make this holiday joyful. Or, at the very least, how I can make parts of this holiday season joyful? I am not magical. I am not Santa. I can’t erase COVID. What I can do is be the best emotional and health ninja that I can be…i.e. work to control what I can control!   

1. Get your expectations in check – tweak your mindset!! 

Life is too short to let this holiday season pass by uncelebrated. Plus, I need Santa and joy more than EVER!! So, I am taking intentional action to make sure that this holiday is special in its own way.  

Now, before we get to the intentional and deliberate actions you can take to manage holiday 2020 (tips three through five) we have to feel our feelings!  

2. You can’t skip the “suck”! Mourn! This entire thing sucks the big one…we are allowed to feel our feelings! 

Yes, recalibrate expectations. Yes, work to create new traditions and find the positives. But first, feel your feelings.  

How are you feeling your feelings? Journaling? Talking to a friend? Crying? 

3. Step Three is “Be INTENTIONAL”!  

Create new experiences. Find the fun! Find the gratitude! This holiday will pass regardless, so you might as well try and create some fun.  

Corgi Christmas park party anyone? Dressing up my dog Olive as a reindeer and partying with a bunch of puppies in a park is 100% something I have never done before…but it will be fun! Who knows, maybe it will turn into a tradition we keep… 

What can you intentionally do to make it enjoyable?? 

4. Set yourself up for success—Intentionally pull out all of your “self-care” ninja moves 

You have to make all your health ninja moves a priority. You need to be a ninja now more than ever!! You need health more now than ever!! 

  • Carve out 10 minutes to go for a walk. Talk to a friend as you walk. 
  • Create a “healthy family challenge” 
  • Give yourself a 30-day challenge – I will move 20 min a day, eat a vegetable with every meal, drink 2L of water, etc 
  • Can you prioritize journaling? Meditation? Sleep?
  • Whatever your top domino is–prioritize!

What can you say “no” to so you can say “yes” to yourself!!   

5. “Stretch”, but ditch any goal of perfection 

“Stretch” to make this holiday the best it can be, but DO NOT aim for “perfect”.  

When things don’t go well take a breather, have a conversation with yourself and anyone connected to the experience. Feel the feelings and work to take the next best action! 

Net is, don’t let COVID win. Join me in becoming a health ninja. Spend the season showing the people you love that you love them – virtually when needed!

Make this year special in its own way. Different, but memorable!
And whatever holiday you celebrate, whether it is this month or another, I wish you joy and love to you and yours!

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