March Newsletter |   Volume 2 - Issue No. 3

*Coupon valid towards non physician, medspa services. Cannot be used in conjunction with any offer and has no cash value. SpaMedica reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time. No banking of filler syringe for future use. Minimum purchase of 2 syringes. Expiry Apr 15, 2016.

Scratch "Look Younger" Off Your Wish List
Soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm add volume to enhance hollow or deflated areas on the face. Whether it's sunken cheeks or the hollow under eye areas you're concerned about, Juvederm fillers can help restore that volume you're looking for. You're bound to look younger and refreshed as a result.

Juvederm injections are also used to address these concerns:


- Smoothen wrinkles

- Plump up thin lips

- Soften scars and acne scars

- Reduce lines on the forehead and brow

- Reduce wrinkles on hands

See it For Yourself

Watch Dr. Mulholland perform a VolumaLift, a non-surgical facelift on The Doctors

Check out the results of past dermal filler clients in our before and after gallery

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You don't have to undergo surgery to make a big change in your appearance

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