Panel Discussion: 
Queer Political Art In The Wake Of HERO
In  conjunction  with  50 STATES: WYOMING
7 - 9 PM Thursday, February 25, 2016
ALH Main Gallery

A discussion about the role queer political art should play, featuring:

Bill Arning
Andy Campbell
Selven Jarmon
Lovie Olivia
Eesha Pandit
Stephanie Saint Sanchez

Hosted by:
Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin

"On Thursday, Feb 25th while the Republican presidential candidates convene at University of Houston to do their thing, we'll be on the other side of town gathering at Art League Houston for our own little debate," say the artists "by which we mean, a discussion about the role of queer political art in Houston in the wake of the defeat of HERO, its place in the rapidly changing broader political climate, and utopian visions of the queer, artistic future that we all want to live in."

Please join this brilliant panel of artists, activists, writers, thinkers, and curators at Art League Houston to celebrate past intersections of queer art and politics; discuss what lessons should be taken from the stinging defeat of HERO; examine what is (and isn't) happening in queer political art now; and dream up a utopian future for queer political art in Houston and beyond.

Inspired by Lois Weaver's "Long Table" format, those in attendance will be invited to join the conversation, which means . . . bring your thoughts, you'll be invited (though not required) to share them!


Koomah is an intersex-bodied trans/queer multidisciplinary grassroots artist, performer, filmmaker, LGBTQI educator and part-time hermaphrodite unicorn.

Bill Arning is the Director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, former curator at MIT's List Visual Arts Center, and writer on art and culture.

Andy Campbell is an art historian and a Critic in Residence at the MFAH's Core Program.

Lovie Olivia is an interdisciplinary artist who creates paintings, objects, installations and discourse around issues of gender, sexuality, race, class and power.

Selven Jarmon is a fashion designer and visual artist who's work incorporates social consciousness.

Eesha Pandit is a Houston-based writer, activist and consultant for social justice organizations.

Stephanie Saint Sanchez is an artist, filmmaker, and founder of Texas' first Latina film festival SeƱorita Cinema.
Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin are interdisciplinary artists who's work deals with LGBTQ2 histories.


Art League Houston is excited to present  50 STATES: WYOMING, an exhibition by Houston-based artists and husbands  Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin. The exhibit is structured around a historic 1843 expedition in which William Drummond Stewart, a homosexual Scottish lord-turned-fur-trader and his lover, the celebrated hunter Antoine Clement, led one hundred likely gay men on a 1,200 mile pleasure excursion from St. Louis to a remote lake in what is now Wyoming.  50 STATES: WYOMING is the first in a series of fifty unique exhibitions that the artists are creating in response to recently uncovered or underappreciated LGBTQ2 narratives from each state's history. Dating from the 1600's through to the Stonewall riots of 1969, these stories have been excluded from mainstream history.

Through the lens of contemporary art, the  50 STATES: WYOMING exhibition aims to critically and creatively respond to newly discovered and underappreciated Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender narratives from Wyoming's history, and emphatically assert that America's queer forbearers have long been an integral and unrecognized force in shaping the character and mythology of this country.

50 STATES aims to celebrate a wide spectrum of ethnically, socio-economically, and geographically diverse queer experiences that were previously ignored and sometimes actively erased.  As historians, archivists, and activists continue to work at the forefront of this field, Vaughan & Margolin aim to create a body of work that lends powerful and engaging imagery to these narratives, providing a visual and conceptual framework for a history so sprawling and disparate that it touches every type of American and every corner of the country.  Equal parts visual art and social action, 50 STATES: WYOMING is an undertaking that feels vitally important in this time when society's views of gender and sexuality are shifting at such an astonishing pace.

All events are at Art League Houston

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7 PM February 15: Prarie and Mountain Sketches: Artist Talk with Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin
7 PM February 22: The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon Book Club 
7 - 9 PM,  February 27: Closing Event

Special thanks to sponsors of  50 States: Wyoming:  Visual Arts Alliance, Legacy Clinic, CS Gulf Coast, Bill Arning, Devin Borden Gallery, Russell Pitman, Peranteau/Sawyer and James Magee & Camilla Carr.

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