Week Twenty-Four
Affordable Housing:
New Challenges, Old Policies 

According to the Urban Institute, "Many households struggle to afford a decent, safe place to live. Since 2000, rent has risen as the number of renters needing affordable housing has increased. These two pressures make finding affordable housing even tougher for America's poorest households."  The organization has mapped out affordable rental housing in each state by county. (1)

There are many factors that have created demand for affordable housing, including  scarcity of housing in general, but also natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires).  Compounded by linger effects of 2008-2009 financial crisis, access to housing is difficult to obtain without government or developer intervention.
Affordable Housing Developer and Advocate, Archie Willis III, discusses the challenges Americans face in accessing affordable housing and policies that impact them.

Because the demand for renting a home is so high, many renters are forced to pay pay up to 50% of their monthly income (20% more than recommended). 

(1)  "Mapping America's Rental Housing Crisis," Urban Institute. April 27, 2017.


Tips On Making Home Affordable 
  1. President Barack Obama created programs to assist home buyers in mortgage payment plans. Find out more about the "Obama Mortgage" & see which programs can benefit you. 
  2. Learn more about programs that aid in helping renters find properties based on their income. See programs and assistance that the government created at USA.gov.
  3. See how the Urban Institute maps the real costs of renting. Click on the interactive map to find out how much you need to earn to afford a modest apartment in your state. 
  4. What do changes do you think should be made in order to ensure quality housing for all? What can you do to advocate for change in the way housing is priced in your area? Share your answer with us on our  Facebook 50 Weeks of Action Group Page.

Share Your Story! 
What programs in your city and state assists in making housing affordable for everyone? Have you been helped? Share your story with us.