Together We Can
Celebrating 50 Years of
 Earth Day
April 22, 2020
Dear Friends,
We hope this message finds you, and yours well. Knowing that COVID-19 has affected the most vulnerable and that among them are our Senior citizens, we dedicate this Earth Day message to honoring them. Read More

Together We Can!
This Earth Day We Celebrate
Peggy Shepard and Ricky Perera
Peggy Shepard, WE ACT Co-Founder and Executive Director, is honored to be among the environmental leaders chosen by Marie Claire this Earth Day, recognized as a "groundbreaker" and a "pioneer of the environmental justice movement.
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences named Frederica Perera, DrPH, PhD, recipient of the 19th Annual Spirit Lecture Award. See NIEHS Presentation .
The Other Crisis: COVID-19, Climate Change and Children's Health- Frederica Perera

In the grip of the Corona Virus, frightened and distracted, we have taken our eyes off a crisis that is far more serious in terms of its long-term impacts: the “existential crisis” of climate change. COVID should not be an excuse or cover for the weakening of environmental and climate policies. Read More
Earth Day Resources and on-line Activities. Share links below with your networks, family and friends.
Wishing you all safety and health,

Julie and Ricky
Julie Herbstman, PhD
Director, Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health

Frederica P. Perera, DrPH, PhD
Director of Translational Research and Founding Director
Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health
Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health
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