The season of giving is in the air and here at Home of Hope, we are busy working to make Christmas special for as many kids as we can. It is not too late for you to get involved!
$7500 has been raised so far!

$1 Feeds 1 Child
$6 Healthcard
$13 A Pair of Shoes for 1 Child
$150 A Microloan for a mother (or any amount towards one)

All year-end gifts must be received by Dec 31 at midnight.

DID YOU KNOW that year-end giving can also benefit you & your family's finances as well?
Here's how:

Charitable donations give you a tax credit , which directly reduces the amount of taxes you have owing or the amount of taxes you have to pay... READ MORE
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Why give with investment shares, plus a better way for seniors to give.
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Have you ever felt like this?
"If you asked me for money, it’s likely I made up an excuse to help me feel less guilty and hoped I wouldn’t be asked again."
Read these honest thoughts from a sponsor on why she chooses to give to Home of Hope: homeofhope.ca/whyichoosetogive

  • Together, we were able to help 5000 additional children this year! We couldn't have reached this goal without the amazing support of our faithful sponsors.

  • 27 children were rescued from the dump, slums and streets and are now living at the Nairobi Dream Centre or in a family unit. Now there are 61 children living at the Dream Centre, plus 13 others living in family units.

  • 279 Microloans were given out to single mothers! (Which helped approx 1120 children!)

  • $32,000 was raised with our first Gala event! Wow! THANK YOU for your support and making this event such a huge success!
We are planning quite a few teams in 2019
to Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, India and Malawi.
If you are interested in joining one of them, click here to learn more & apply!
Thank you for your continued support! We couldn't do what we do without our amazing supporters!

From all of us at Home of Hope, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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