Dear Freedom Center Supporter,
I told you just this morning that I would notify you as soon as we received notice from the IRS that our 501c3 status has been reinstated. I am pleased to relay a report from our Treasurer, Steve Ihrig, that we did in fact receive that notification today in a phone call with the IRS agent reviewing our request. While we are still awaiting a faxed confirmation from the IRS (which may take up to a week), we have indeed been re-certified as a 501c3, tax-exempt organization once again!

Thank you all for your patience!

I would also like to thank Steve Ihrig and Kate Hude for their efforts towards this end. Congressman John Moolenaar and his extremely kind staff member, Karen Ruth, also deserve kudos for their efforts to expedite matters with the IRS.

Our 501c3 reinstatement opens quite a few doors that will enable us to better serve our guests:
  • $35,000 in donations previously on hold
  • Qualifies us for Text to Give programs
  • Qualifies us for Facebook donation program
  • Qualifies us for reduced rates for technology services
  • Enables us to solicit new corporate donors
  • Enables us to solicit sponsors for golf outing (August 2)

Rest assured, we are taking steps necessary to prevent any repeat of this issue.