December 24,  2017



50th  Anniversary of the Dances of Universal Peace

Peace and Harmony among Nations and Traditions

On June 24th 1968, the first Dance of Universal Peace (DUP) was introduced by Murshid SAM. Since then our beloved Dances and Walks have grown a global family and have filled our lives with real experiences of peace, harmony and beauty; they have brought so much to all of us in so many ways. We have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to Celebrate! Let's do it together as a global family:
On Sunday, June 24th 2018, marking 50 years of DUP, let's all dance on that same day (if not possible, then the same weekend or same moon) in a global dance celebration. Thousands of dancers, dozens of countries, all our circles synchronized in the same intention, song and movement.
Because we are celebrating Murshid SAM and his gift to all of us, make sure part of the program includes SAM's Dances, and the other part will include various traditions to honor the universality of our practice and prayer for Peace and Harmony among Nations and Traditions. Open with the Invocation and close with the Kalama.

A video of this global celebration will be edited with footage of all the circles and dancers who agree in advance to be in it. It is as simple as making sure that on the day someone records with a good phone or camera the following items:
  • the Invocation at the beginning in the local language
  • 3 minutes of the Kalama (in the key of C, in the tone and rhythm as on the DUP IN website resources page, so we can later put together all the pieces to form one single flow
  • 2 minutes of just one more dance from the universal part of the program.
  Make sure to record half of the minutes of each dance from outside and/or above the circle, and half from inside to see some faces. Please record the invocation from inside.

In each circle/group/retreat/camp
 please designate a link person 
to establish contact with Arjun

so I can start sorting out the list of participating circles, communicate further instructions, answer questions, and send a global flyer and a link to the website that will invite all our relations to this great Anniversary.


Below is a list of possibilities for SAM's dances. If you need to, this is a great time and opportunity to work on them with your mentor:

  • Ram Nam dances (Ram Nam Snake Dance, Ram Nam Partner Dance, Ram Nam Dance for Circles of Five)
  • Namo Amida Butsu 
  • Ya Hayy Ya Haqq 
  • Ya Muhammad Abdullah
  • Introductory Bismillah
  • the Devotional Zikr
  • As Salaam Aleikum Partner dance
  • Dervish Cycle (probably the first dance of universal peace ever done!)
On with the Dance, blessings of the season,

Arjun Jorge Calero 
for DUP International 
and Sufi Ruhaniat International.