50th  Waynesboro Fall Foliage Art Show 
October 10-11, 2020
Rolling Jury - Apply Today!
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Call to Artists
Show is juried on the 15th of each Month - Notification sent on the 18th 

WHAT: 50 th Annual Waynesboro Fall Foliage Art Show       
WHERE:  Downtown Waynesboro, VA at corner of Wayne and Main Streets 
WHEN:  October 10-11 , 2020 |  Saturday, 10am - 5 pm | Sunday, Noon - 5pm            
* Limited to 150 juried artists  
*Attendance 20,000
*Rolling Jury - Meets the 15th of each month
*Cash awards totaling $10,000
*Friday or Saturday set-up
*Easy Set-up and Tear-down
*Booth sitters
*On-site security all weekend
*Free parking
*Excellent hospitality with complimentary snacks 
*Jury Fee $20
*Booth Fee $210 (10'x11'), $420 (10'x22')

COVID-19 Policy:  We are moving forward with every intention of holding our event October 10 - 11, 2020.   We are offering our flexible rolling jury again this year, and hope that helps you to manage your undoubtedly impacted budget this year. We are an event run by a non-profit community art center for artists and we understand that this a difficult time for everyone. Our hope is to provide flexibility so you can have a great Fall season. 

We are offering an extended payment time and ask you to commit to attending as soon as possible and to pay your booth fee by June 15.   If you jury after June, we ask you to pay as soon as you are able, but before September 15. 

If the event is cancelled on or before September 15, we will be offering full refunds to all artists. If the event is cancelled after September 15, we will be offering at least* 50% refunds as well as a rollover opportunity. All application fees are non-refundable.

Each October the city of Waynesboro is turned into an outdoor art gallery. We invite you to showcase your art in our beautiful and historic city. Waynesboro is located in the Shenandoah Valley, near many important historical markers of the Civil War and Shenandoah National Park.

This show is produced by Shenandoah Valley Art Center, a non-profit community arts organization, whose mission is to increase arts awareness and education while providing creative and economic opportunities for artists. This exhibit is consistently voted among the Best of Virginia and is the largest outdoor art festival in the Shenandoah Valley.
Jury meets on the 15th of each month
Notification sent within 3 days of jury decision
Final Application Deadline: September 10, 2020

Website:   www.svacart.com
Contact Piper Groves at  svartcenter@gmail.com  or call 540-949-7662
  If you apply to this show please cite Art-Linx as your source  Like us on Facebook