(b. Oct 18, 1886 - d. Jan 15, 1971)
Saturday, January 15, 2022 ~ 10 am PST, UTC -8
Beloved Family Near and Far,

~ Mark your Calendar~

Sadly, we cancelled the in person URS Celebration in the Bay Area, which delightfully moves us to a Worldwide ZOOM URS Celebration ~ 51 years have passed since the earthly departure of our dearest friend, teacher, guide, and wisdom being Murshid SAM! 

He told us that his Message would be more and more widely received every year after his passing. When he passed he had about 160 mureeds, and now his influence has touched many thousands of seekers. 

Shortly before his passing he taught us, “The connection between the Murshid and the mureed is in no way dependent on one or the other being in the body”.

Join with Sauluddin, Fatima, Halima and Abraham, Devi and Iqbal, Maestro Allaudin Mathieu, original mureeds Ayesha and Colin Rognlie and others who will lead remembrance, stories and praise along with music and Zikr. 

If you wish to recite the Invocation in your native language, please come on the call 15 minutes early.

Much love and blessing,
Shabda and Tamam
If you understand me perfectly and don’t understand yourselves, you have flunked the course. And if you understand yourselves and don’t understand me, you’ve graduated.
Within the secret confines of the heart
There lies the sacred door;
This is the manger wherein Christ was born,
Who said, “ Seek and ye shall find,
Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”
What shall we seek? Whither shall we find:
“Lo the kingdom of the heavens is within you.
In the very center of the heart abides the key.
Murshid Samuel Lewis -KARUNA YOGA GITA
Saturday, January 15th, 2022
10:00 AM PST ~ UTC -8
1:00 PM EST

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