Our latest survey data indicate that 66 percent of mobile AR users are active monthly, and 54 percent are active weekly. These are strong metrics that show mobile AR's potentially "sticky" and monetizable user engagement. READ MORE
Concert promoters and bands are fed up with fan smartphone use. Whether it’s to capture video or watch the live feed, it creates a distracted glow that washes over the crowd. Eminem turned the tables at Coachella this week. His AR app let fans see choreographed animations during his set, winning back their focus. READ MORE
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A recent class-action suit against Niantic claimed damages due to trespassers who were playing Pokemon Go. It seems silly, but AR’s early stages will see case law like this set precedent and impact the sector's growth. READ MORE
With emerging tech like XR, history has taught us that it's all about finding openings for business opportunity and gaps in the value chain. And that process is all about having a knowledge position. Against that backdrop, we offer  ARtillry Insights: a subscription to original reports, data slides, video and analyst access . READ MORE