April 2019
At Vineyard Cincinnati Church, we have a variety of activities, events, and Life Groups for those that are 55 years and older that will help us grow closer, deepen our faith and have fun together! Let's live a life of purpose as we make the most of this incredible season of our lives!
Right: Some of our folks shared their photos and adventures while they had traveled in Israel at our First Friday get together in March!

We all took a quiz about Israel and learned that none of us were experts! Fun facts: It is a leading technology giant, car insurance is cheaper because nobody drives on Saturdays, and their forests have all been planted by hand.
Rae teaching us the Hebrew version of one of our familiar worship songs.
We sampled popular Israeli food; hummus, flatbread, Bamba and mint lemonade.
First Friday Get Together  - Potluck, Game Night and Euchre Tournament on April 5th!
Join us for our monthly pot-luck at the Healing Center Auditorium beginning at 6:30. In addition to the Euchre Tournament we'll be playing Train-Track Dominoes and Uno! Please register here for the Euchre Tournament by Thursday 4/4/19. You can also register by contacting Connie at 671-0422 ext 398 or neckers@vineyardcincinnati.com.
Share your gift, talent, ministry experience or how you reinvented yourself after age 55!
Click here to get on the schedule.
Steve Cornell shared how he became an Olympic level archery coach and how he reinvented himself after losing his job as an engineer. Steve guided a young man to a silver medal in the 2016 Olympics and currently oversees a Christian-based archery program for kids in the Mason area.
Upcoming Events

March 30: Serve Saturday. Meet in the Atrium at 9:00 before we head out to a block party at Chamberlain Park. Look for our 55+ contacts, Gary and Dawn Caudill.

April 2: There is still time to join "The Spirit Within" study that meets on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am in Area 2.4 at the church! Just show up!

April 5: 55+ Potluck, Game Night and Euchre Tournament.

April 19: Good Friday service at 7:00 pm. Volunteers needed register here.

April 20: Easter Saturday services at 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. (Spring Clean Weekend!) Volunteers needed register here.

April 21: Easter Sunday services at 9:00 am, 10:30 am and 12:00 pm. (Spring Clean Weekend!) Volunteers needed register here.

April 23: Staff holiday. No Tuesday groups will be meeting at the church.

May 3: 55+ Western Night and Potluck! If you have some cowboy boots or a Stetson, this is the night to wear them! Our theme is western and we'll be watching the movie "Oklahoma!" 
Home and Hospital Visitation Team!
If you or a loved one is in the hospital, a nursing home or unable to attend our church services and would like a visit, please let us know! Call 671-0422 extension 474 to schedule a visit.
New Class: Experiencing God's Grace
We'll explore what God's grace truly is and what blocks us from experiencing it in abundance. Through this discovery, we will learn how to fully embrace the friendship, freedom, and fruitfulness that God desires for us.

The class is offered by the Life Reset Ministry and starts on Monday, April 8 from 7:00-8:45 pm at the main church building and runs through May 13. The cost is $15.00 for materials that you receive on the first night of class.

Here is the link with all the info and how to register:  vineyardcincinnati.com
There have been a number of people who have expressed interest in starting a book club. We are testing the waters to see if we have other avid readers who would like to participate. This is just the early stages; date, time, location, and book choices have not yet been determined. Click here if interested.
Clint Eastwood's secret for staying young: Don't Let The Old Man In!
Submitted by Mary McLellan
Cincinnati Museum Center presents their Brown Bag Lectures at the Forest Park Senior Center.
Join others from the 55+ Community on the 3rd Friday of each month for a FREE lunchtime lecture of interesting topics with an emphasis on the history of Cincinnati. View upcoming schedule by clicking here!
Something to ponder....
by Connie Neckers
Have you experienced "Whack-a-Mole?"

Sometimes I think my life is a bit like the Whack- a-Mole game. While playing, you attempt to hit a toy mole with a mallet to drive him back in his hole, but the next thing you know, he pops up out of another hole. There are more moles and more holes than you can possibly keep track of at the same time and I think it is impossible to win!

Back in January I had sensed that God was telling me I needed balance in my life. I totally agreed so I went about trying to create balance. I committed to better sleeping, better work hours, better eating, better exercise, better relationships, better time to think... well, you get my drift. This lasted for three and a half weeks and then I unraveled. I couldn't maintain those changes in my own strength, I would get one under control and the next thing I knew, I was losing it someplace else. I was trapped in Whack-a-Mole land and it was apparent that I needed help. I needed God's help.

Still standing on the premise that I am wired to be a "Contemplative Mary" instead of a "Type-A Martha," my boss suggested that I try working away from the office one day a month, to give me time to think, write, plan and pray. A few weeks ago I booked a room for the day at an Anglican convent in Glendale. I arrived around 9:00, had a tour, was invited to later participate in midday prayers and lunch with the sisters, and then I headed to my room. I settled down to work and the first thing I sensed from God was that I was to rest. So I took a nap. When I got up I prayed and worked a little bit but it was soon time for prayers in the Chapel and then there was lunch.

I had forgotten that this was mostly a silent order and I got shushed a few times for my gregarious ways when I attempted to make friends in the "noise free" zones. For the most part the sisters and I got along very well and I look forward to going back!

After lunch I returned to my room and sensed the Lord imploring me to "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10. So I became very still, and then I became very sleepy, and then I napped again!

When I awoke I felt as if I was buzzing with both peace and excitement. There was a song in my heart and ideas were popping into my mind. Then I settled down and I worked really well for the rest of the day.

It made me think that perhaps God was teaching me a lesson concerning the difference between trying to do things in my strength versus His. In Matthew 11:30 Jesus tells us that "My yoke is easy and my burden is light". When I consider those last few hours of my work day spent at the convent, I am convinced that I was yoked to his supernatural strength, I didn't feel a burden to work hard and complete something. Instead I felt his joy and his peace and I am sure that he was the one giving me his ideas. Those few hours yielded so much more fruit than I was capable of producing on my own. The effects of that experience have lingered. As a result I am no longer committed to all the changes I thought I needed to make to bring balance into my life; instead I am committed to starting my day by being still and resting in the presence of God. I have every confidence that my heavenly Father who loves and cares for me will restore the needed balance in my life.

Loving Father,

We thank you for the incredible gift you have given us by you simply being you. Help us to remember that you will reveal yourself to us when we are still; so Lord, please help us to be still. May we experience what it is like to be connected with you in such a way that the yoke we share with you is easy to manage and any burdens that we carry are light. Lord, we ask for the blessing of your supernatural strength, your abundant joy and your perfect peace.

In Jesus's name we pray,
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