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Dearest Topangans,

We've been working (huge thank you to Julie Levine for her help and input) on a petition for LA County Board of Supervisors to block 5G and finally finished it today.

If you recall, a few years ago we held a fund raiser to support our efforts to block a cell tower at the fire station on Fernwood behind the Mimosa.  Thanks to you support and participation, our efforts were a fabulous success...not only did we block the tower for the Topanga fire station, but we also ended up helping to block the entire LA RICS/First Net roll out of 150 federally funded surveillance towers for all of LA County!  Thus we never had to move forward with the lawsuit we were planning on bringing should the BOS not listen to us.  That left us with an approximate $1,200  surplus in our war chest (or peace chest ;) which we have held in the non profit account since then for a "rainy radiation day" to be utilized to help stop the next wireless assault.  Well sadly, we believe that day has arrived with the "new and improved" radiation threat of 5G in LA County. 

So we are requesting your input regarding utilization of those funds to help pay for our petition platform which will send your signature (and everyone who signs it) directly to the inbox of each LA County representative, in addition to our state and federal representatives.  The petition platform is the least expensive one we could find for the functionality we need, at around $79 a month with 1 year commitment.  Our question is, would you be okay with us utilizing these funds in our war (or peace ;) chest from our LA RICS/First Net surveillance tower blocking campaign to help fund our 5G blocking campaign?

At this moment we are not paying for the survey function on Constant Contact since it is more expensive, so if you would kindly just hit reply to this email and put "Yes use the funds now to help block 5G" or "No do not use the funds for 5G" or even a simple "Yes" or "No" in the subject line of this email, we would greatly appreciate it.  We do need to send out the petition but want to make sure the community is on board with the funds being utilized for this purpose since they were initially raised to help block the Fernwood tower. 

Thank you so much again for your input.  We look forward to blocking 5G in Topanga and LA County with your help and support.

In health, longevity, light and love,