Congratulations 5k Winners!
Prizes and bragging rights are on their way to the following teams and individuals. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in the Second Annual Virtual 5K, helping us raise more than $17,500 for our student programs!
I Ran So Far Away Award
The individuals who completed the 5k the greatest distance from the LEAP Teen Center in Salem, MA:

πŸ† Felice McMullen, FTI Team,
Santa Inez, CA (3100 miles)

πŸ† Alejandra Utrera, Lynn Education District Team,
Punta Cana, DR (1700 miles)

πŸ† Sriram Aravamudhan, Cell Signaling Technology Team,
Leiderdorp, Netherlands (4700 miles)
Get Funky Award
The individual who completed the 5k in the most creative or unusual fashion or location:

πŸ† Jennifer Eddy, Team Root,
completed the 5K on horseback!
LEAP Into Action/It Takes A Village Award
The team that has the most members who completed the 5k/donors:

πŸ† Team Steel Root x Iron Village Team
Raise 'Em Up Award
ο»ΏFor the team with the greatest fundraising total:

πŸ† Team Frontier Technology, Inc. (FTI)
Home-Town Spirit Award
For the teams that represent community at its best:

πŸ† Salem Main Streets Team
πŸ† Lynn Education District Team
Happy Holidays!
As a token of our appreciation for your time, talent and financial support we offer you this holiday video. May it bring smiles to your faces and a bit of light-hearted fun to end the year. Enjoy!
Make the season bright for our students!
Did you know? Seventeen LEAP students have completed early action/early decision applications and are waiting impatiently for January, when they’ll begin to learn what their post-secondary choices for next year will be.
By making a year-end gift today, you can help LEAP's middle school and high school students continue to receive free post-secondary and career services that help them identify and navigate a unique career pathway.
Now through Dec. 31 the CARES Act allows charitable deductions for cash donations up to $300 per individual / $600 per married couple filing jointly, even if you do not itemize.
LEAP for Education empowers underserved students to achieve social and economic mobility by cultivating personal, educational, and career growth.
LEAP for Education is thrilled to celebrate its 20th anniversary of service to our local community and students in 2022. Thank you to every person and partner who has contributed to LEAP's mission over the years!