AMP's 5th Annual Winter Challenge
It is about that time.... and we couldn't be more excited about our 5th Annual Winter Challenge! Mark your calendars for Monday, January 13th, which is the start date for our 31-day challenge. As always, our challenge will incorporate both a movement and a nutrition component. Participants may choose to enter in one, or both, components.

The Pilates/fitness goal of the Challenge is to take 15 movement classes in 31-days (average 3.5 classes per week). A minimum of 12 classes must be taken at AMP. For those of you who would like to mix things up and/or incorporate cardio classes into your routine, classes taken at Studio Q Cycling (Drake/Lemay) will be counted towards your total. Studio Q is offering a discounted class package for participants in the the AMP Winter Challenge (details below).

PRIZE: Completing 15 classes in 31 days will earn you an AMP 5th Annual Challenge Tee Shirt (YES!!! This is the challenge you earn a shirt!!) & 1 additional raffle ticket for a grand prize. (see more below about how to earn raffle tickets)

EARN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKETS: Feel free to get more then 15 classes... the more classes you take, the more raffle tickets you will earn! (5 classes = 1 raffle ticket)

Participants may use already purchased classes or purchase one of the following:

  • Winter Challenge 15 Class Pack for $249 *
  • Single Classes for $17 each (may purchase one at a time or in multiples) *

*Winter Challenge 15-pack may be purchased online
*$17 dollar sessions must be purchased in studio (let us know how many you would like)
*unused Winter Challenge classes will expire on 2/14/2020


We are extremely happy to once again have Nicole Sattler, from Nourish Nutrition, leading the nutritional component of the Challenge. During the 31-days of the Challenge, nutrition participants will be sugar free, processed food free and be practicing intermittent fasting (more information on intermittent fasting to come). Participants will also have a daily water and fruit/vegetable goal. Nutritional participants will have access to Nicole through email and our private Facebook group. Nicole will be guiding us with intermittent fasting advice, meal ideas/prep, recipes, information on gut health, and general healthy habits to be incorporated into our lives.

Per our survey that was sent out a few weeks ago, we know that some of our members want a more structured nutritional guidance for the challenge. If you are one of those people, we encourage you to take advantage of our challenge partnership with Colorado Nutrition. Colorado Nutrition has offered to create a nutritional program that aligns with the dates of our challenge. If you choose to take advantage of Colorado Nutrition's plan, you will meet with them to build an individual nutritional plan with calories, macros and timing of eating, as well as have in person meet-ups at their business (Drake/Timberline). If you do choose this option, you must set up your initial meeting with them by the start of the Challenge. See additional information regarding Colorado Nutrition below. (Those taking advantage of the Colorado Nutrition offer will still receive AMP's weekly email and be able to earn points for the Challenge).

Accountability is important, and we want to make sure to touch base with EACH participant to guide and help in any way we can. To hold each participant accountable for hitting nutrition goals, a weekly success survey will be emailed each Sunday evening which will ask about the successes of the previous week, and where help may be needed. Points will be earned upon completion of survey. (5 points earn 1 raffle ticket)

AMP will be hosting a nutrition kick-off event at 6:00 pm on January 8th, 2020 (at the studio). At this event, we will go over the weekly goals, intermittent fasting, discuss how to be successful/set up your pantry and answer any nutrition questions that you may have.


Starting Date: Monday, January 13th
Ending Date: Thursday, February 13th

$20 for just Pilates Component
$20 for just Nutrition Component
$35 if you would like to participate in both

**Additional Costs for services provided by Studio Q and Colorado Nutrition

MOVEMENT GOAL: 15 moment classes (minimum of 12 at AMP)

NUTRITION GOAL: No Sugar, No Processed foods, Intermittent Fasting, Minimum amounts of Water/Fruits/Veggies for the 31 days.

Every 5 points earn 1 raffle ticket.
Points will be earned for each class taken (moment component) & for answering weekly nutrition survey (nutrition component).

Weekly Drawings for ToeSox, OtterBox goodies, AMP gear, and other fun prizes.

Every person who completes their 15 movement classes by February 13th will earn a 5th Annual Winter Challenge Tee.

3 GRAND PRIZE winners will be drawn at the end of the Challenge will be drawn from all raffle tickets. Each winner will get $100 studio credit.
All The Details:
*Group, Private, Semi-Private Classes & Studio Q classes may all be counted towards your class total. 
*A minimum of 12 classes must be taken at AMP.
*You may use your already purchased classes for the Challenge (class packages or memberships).
*Participants may purchase an 15-pack of classes for $249 (available online). The 15 classes will expire if not used by February 13, 2020.
*Participants who sign-up for the Challenge may purchase classes at $17 a piece during the Challenge (must be purchased in studio). These classes may be purchased one-by-one or several at a time. These classes will only be available for use through the last day of the Challenge (Feb. 13, 2020). These classes are a great option for those who are on an 8-class/month membership and will need extra classes to achieve their goal.

Nicole will provide group support to challenge participants to hit the following goals:
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Increasing fruit, vegetable and water intake
  • Avoiding sugar, processed and other inflammatory foods
  • Private Facebook group
  • Email support
Optional Add-Ons:
  • Pre- and Post- Body composition analysis (no charge)
  • Two medical grade supplement packages available for purchase through Nourish Nutrition. Cost will depend on what you purchase:
  • Multi Vitamin, fish oil & probiotic
  • Gut healing package including probiotic and GI Refresh

Any additional purchases from Nourish Nutrition will be made directly to Nourish Nutrition.

Studio Q is a state of the art spinning studio located on Drake/Lemay.

For our Winter Challenge Participants, they have created a special class package:

Please contact Kaysha for code to take advantage of this offer.

*pay directly to Studio Q
*MUST BE USED BY 2/13/20

Colorado Nutrition offering a 4 week version of their nutrition intensive plan to our Challenge participants who would like a more structured meal plan. If you take advantage of this offer, you will get:
  • 1 Hour Comprehensive Evaluation (Includes Body Composition analysis)
  • Custom nutrition plan with individual calories, macros & timing
  • 2 Bi-weekly in-person progress assessments
  • Personal log-in and use of meal planning software
  • Unlimited email, phone and text support from lead nutritionist- Matt.
  • AMP Challenge Only Pricing: $299

Please reach out to Kaysha regarding how to sign up. This package will be paid directly to Colorado Nutrition.

For any offerings from other businesses, please email or ask Kaysha in studio regarding how to purchase/sign up !

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