The Steering Committee selection process is now complete. Below is the final list of committee members.

Council Members - Rebecca Boyd-Obarski and Judith Brodhead
City Staff - Marcie Schatz and Allison Laff
Ryan Companies - Jim McDonald and Clare Scott
At-Large Representative: Mayor Emeritus A. George Pradel
Commuters - Katie Sowa
Pilgrim Edition - Patrick Kelly
Park Edition - Thom Higgins and Laura Zeman
WHOA - Jim Ruhl
ECHO - Marybeth Box
Senior Task Force - Jim Hill
Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation - Dr. Bob Buckman

The first Steering Committee meeting will take place February 12 at 6:00pm in Meeting Room B at the Naperville Municipal Center. As a reminder monthly city updates, steering committee and working group meetings are open to the public. Upcoming meeting details can always be found here.