What's Next

On July 17 City Council voted to approve the concept principles assembled by the 5 th Avenue Working Groups and Steering Committee. This allowed Ryan to move forward into Phase III of the Community Engagement Plan and begin working on concept drawings, with these principles as our guide. Phase III will be divided into three rounds – concept creation, concept refinement and concept finalization - with each round being brought forth to the community, Steering Committee and then City Council for feedback.

The first community meeting will be held at the Naperville Municipal Center in the evening of August 22 where Ryan will provide a formal presentation of the first round of concepts. After the presentation there will be opportunities to provide feedback during the town hall-style Q&A or via comment cards provided at the meeting. Concepts will also be posted on the website for those who are unable to attend and, as always, any thoughts or concerns can be sent to 5thavedev@ryancompanies.com. Then, on August 28 the Steering Committee will meet to discuss the concept further as well as the public comments received to date.