Vol. 1, Issue 6                                                                             September 2016
Storms and Stormwater
As you know, our community has had more rainfall this summer than in recent years. This is very apparent when looking at our creeks, rivers, lakes, and flood damage.  You’ll remember the heavy rain shower which hit Sedgwick and Sumner Counties on August 19 and 20.  The excessive rainfall overpowered current stormwater drainage systems and created an incredible amount of flooding in the area.  The storm greatly affected the City of Mulvane and Derby and caused damage to some businesses and houses.  Mulvane is part of Sedgwick and Sumner County.  Last night, we were hit with additional rain and flooding which has caused more damage in the county. 

Damage from that rainfall was very significant and after clear analysis, I was able to sign a proclamation declaring a state of local emergency for the area. By declaring the situation a disaster, affected residents may be eligible for loans to assist in the recovery. 

In 2014, when I was in the State Legislature, I worked on a law which makes it easier for citizens to receive property tax assistance in the event that their property or business was significantly damaged by a natural disaster when a state of emergency is declared. This assistance may be available to affected residents in light of the flooding in Mulvane in August.  

As Kansans, we know it’s important to be prepared in the event of severe weather. Sometimes however, Mother Nature overpowers our preparedness efforts.  In light of our recent weather, I’m glad that we have outlets for assistance when needed.  I’m also happy that the Stormwater Management Advisory Board has started meeting again to help us understand the county’s stormwater needs.  Their insight will be very beneficial as we move forward with projects to mitigate future stormwater damage in our communities. 
In Remembrance of 9/11
The events on Sept. 11, 2001 changed our country forever.  This year, to recognize the sacrifice of so many, all Sedgwick County Fire District 1 stations will hold events beginning at 8:50 a.m. and end shortly after 9:28 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11. 

On Saturday, Sept. 10, members of the Fire District will also participate in the Wichita 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb held at the Epic Center.  More information on this event can be found at:   www.wichitastairclimb.com
COMCARE Services Get a Boost from Nonprofit

On August 16 COMCARE announced its public-private partnership, COMCARE Community Partners (CCP).  This organization will support and promote COMCARE services through volunteering and fundraising.  For more information or to donate to the nonprofit, click here: www.COMCAREpartners.org

Child Advocacy Center Opens New Facility

Commissioners were on hand to celebrate the opening of the new Child Advocacy Center (CAC) on August 30. The organization started a campaign to remodel their new facility in 2014 and Sedgwick County donated $1 million.  The CAC supports children and families who are victims of sexual abuse/ assault.       

Bulky Waste Program Going Strong

All coupons for the Bulky Waste program have been distributed after three weeks.  So far, Environmental Resources stated that 638 coupons have been used.  Citizens with coupons may deliver up to 1,000 lbs. of bulky waste for free until October 26th. This program allows residents to dispose the material at the two transfer station locations in our community. 

Join us for a Commission meeting in District 3!

Please join commissioners for an evening meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at the Cargill Learning Center at the Sedgwick County Zoo (5555 Zoo Blvd).  There will be a meet and greet at 6 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Come and meet your commissioners and engage in an evening meeting for your convenience. 

Invitation to Participate

As your commissioner, I hope you will consider attending one of the Sedgwick County Commission meetings. You may sign up here to receive the meeting agenda in an email prior to each meeting.   If you choose to attend a commission meeting, please know, we invite our visitors to take an active role in the meeting by speaking on any agenda item.  I want to share these opportunities with you to help us make the best decisions for Sedgwick County!  

There will be a special evening meeting in District 3 on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cargill Learning Center at the Sedgwick County Zoo (5555 Zoo Blvd). We will also meet at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 28 in the County Courthouse (525 N. Main, third floor).  

Join our Team!
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