Vol. 1, Issue 7                                                                             October  2016
Resources A vailable for Recent Flood Victims
As the second wave of heavy rains and flooding hit both Sedgwick and Sumner County in early September, the Sedgwick County Emergency Operation Center was activated providing real time tracking of all the needs throughout the area. Combined with the major flooding in these same areas on August 19th and 20th these events resulted in overpowering our current stormwater drainage systems and created an incredible amount of flooding in the area.  The storms greatly affected the City of Mulvane and Derby and caused damage to some businesses and houses. It is a credit to our great first responders throughout Sedgwick County and other counties that no lives were lost and many people were rescued.  

While touring the damaged areas with Sedgwick County Emergency Management, the rain and flood damage was very significant and heartbreaking. As chairman, I signed a proclamation declaring a state of local emergency for the area after both flooding events and it was also signed by Governor Brownback. By declaring these disasters, affected residents may be eligible for loans to assist in the recovery.  

While in the State Legislature, Senator Mike Petersen and I worked together to pass a law which made it possible for citizens to receive property tax abatement in the event that their home was significantly damaged by a natural disaster or when a state of emergency is declared.  Contact the Sedgwick County Clerk’s Office for more information. 

Additionally, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has assistance available to help residents and small businesses affected by these events.  Information on all these potential resources can be found on our website (www.sedgwickcounty.org) or by calling 316-660-9223

As Kansans, we know it’s important to be prepared in the event of severe weather. Sometimes however, extreme weather overpowers our preparedness efforts.  In light of our recent weather, we have reconvened the Sedgwick County Stormwater Management Advisory Board to help us understand the county’s stormwater needs.  Their insight will be very beneficial as we move forward with projects to mitigate future stormwater damage in our communities.

 As we navigate through this process, I believe it is vital that we advocate for breaking down stormwater problems into attainable steps to provide long term solutions. I look forward to many discussions of how we can accomplish this goal.
Flood Resources Available to Residents
Sedgwick County and the state have had an exceptionally wet and rainy year so far.  This area has experienced two 40 year flood events nearly six weeks apart.  Due to these recent flooding events, there are several resources available to Sedgwick County residents.  
  • Property Tax Relief may be available. Contact the Sedgwick County Clerk’s Office for more information, http://sedgwickcounty.org/countyclerk/  or 316-660-9223.
  • Victims may also be eligible for a Small Business Administration loan through the U.S. Small Business Administration. More information can be found online at https://www.sba.gov/loans-grants/see-what-sba-offers.
  • Protect your health with these tips from the Sedgwick County Division of Health.
  • Wells that may have been contaminated by flooding may be inspected free of charge by Metropolitan Area Building and Code Department (MABDC). For more information, contact 316-660-1840 or 316-268-4460.
County Fire Honors Fallen Heroes

On Saturday, Sept. 10, members of Sedgwick County Fire District 1 and other area fire departments participated in a memorial stair climb to honor fallen firefighters from 9/11. This event was held at the Epic Center in downtown Wichita. Each firefighter climbed 110 flights of stairs with the name of one fallen responders. There were a total of 343 first responders who died on 9/11/2001 and 110 flights of stairs is the equivalent height of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Watch a video here to see part of the event.       

271 Building Named for Former President

Commissioners unanimously voted to name the building located at 271 W. 3rd the Ronald Reagan Building.  Metropolitan Area Planning Department, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, Wichita Area Planning Organization, and Metropolitan Area Building and Code Division will be housed in this building. The one-stop shop will be open for business with all agencies in this location by early October.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house will take place at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11. 

Commissioners Break Ground for New EMS Post

A new EMS post will be built next to Sedgwick County Fire Station 36 near 47th South and Oliver.  Commissioners were able to share the ground breaking event with Sedgwick County EMS, Wesley Medical Center, and other stakeholders.  EMS Post 16 is expected to be completed in July 2017.  It will primarily serve residents in the south east part of Sedgwick County.   

Invitation to Participate

As your commissioner, I hope you will consider attending one of the Sedgwick County Commission meetings. You may sign up here to receive the meeting agenda in an email prior to each meeting.   If you choose to attend a commission meeting, please know, we invite our visitors to take an active role in the meeting by speaking on any agenda item.  I want to share these opportunities with you to help us make the best decisions for Sedgwick County!  

Meetings are generally at 9 a.m. on Wednesdays in the County Courthouse (525 N. Main, third floor).  There is no meeting on the last Wednesday of the month.

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