The race for Virginia's 5th Congressional District heated up this week as my opponent took direct aim at my military service and questioned my committment to our veterans. Not only does she lack a track record of military service herself, she displayed her  ignorance on the work my colleagues and I have done in the Virginia Assembly to improve healthcare quality for our veterans, among other things.

It is not surprising that she wanted to change the conversation after a recent economic report came out showing increasing unemployment and an ever-rising cost of living in Albemarle County under her watch as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

This Wednesday, the Senior Center in Charlottesville ( 1180 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville 22901) will host the first general election debate between Ms. Dittmar and myself at 1:30 PM. I am excited to use this platform as an opportunity to offer real solutions and not just the empty rhetoric that my opponent is offering to hide her failures.
Local Economy Struggles During Dittmar's Tenure on Board of Supervisors

"My opponent has stated numerous times that her priority is getting people back to work. However, her performance on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors drove the local economy in the opposite direction."

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Dittmar and Garrett Swap Shots Over Trump

"In one release, Dittmar’s campaign manager, Tom Vandever, referred to a particular inaction of Garrett’s as “cowardly and dishonorable.”

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Virginia Senator Bryce Reeves Slams Dittmar's Statements

"Senator Tom Garrett co-patroned Senate Bills SB-254 and SB-433 which provide additional claims agents for VA benefits, and makes sure that our unclaimed veterans’ remains are given a dignified burial. In a time when military service should be honored and cherished, it’s baseless attacks like these, from those who have never worn the cloth of our country and served, that do a disservice to our veterans.”

Other bills supported by and patroned by Senator Garrett can be seen here to display his commitment to helping veterans at the state level.

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Retired Green Beret and Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas Weighs in on Dittmar's Statements

"Being that she desires to represent a state with one of the highest veteran populations in the country, I would recommend she apply some of that education she boasts of to understanding and perhaps moderating her hyperbolic rhetoric against a veteran and instead focus on issues that actually matter to veterans...”

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At Least Four Debates Planned for 5th District Candidates

“The more the voters see us side-by-side, the more clear it’s going to be that one of us has unique, positive solutions to the problems of America,” Garrett said.

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