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April, 2013 - Vol 13, Issue 4
Tuesday 4/16 - Eight Participants Needed for Class Test Outs


We have two fabulous new instructors, Danielle and Brandon.  We would like to introduce them to you by offering a free class with them on Tuesday, 4/16.  If you would like to get to know them, please let us know by clicking on the time you are available.  There is no charge to participate.

Brandon   10:00am     Click Here to submit your name

Danielle    11:00am     Click Here to submit your name


60 FREE lessons to Celebrate PILATES DAY on Saturday 5/4
In memory of Joe Pilates, every year on the first Saturday in May, we celebrate Pilates Day!  This year we are offering 60 FREE Pilates lessons.  
Here's how it works.  We have 30 time slots available for you to choose from and the great news is you get to bring a friend!  These slots are sure to go quickly so submit your request as soon as possible.  A drawing will be held with 3 Amazing Prizes including a $1000 Pilates package and a Pilates party for 12.  With 30:1 odds, you have an excellent chance to win!

Also, on Sat 5/4, you may purchase our best specials of the entire year!

Please click HERE to submit your name and your friend's name.


Thank you for being part of the Personalized Pilates Family!
$35 Private Lessons with Katrina Foe!

Three private lessons are available with Katrina Foe at $60 off the regular price.  This is your chance to have a private lesson with a 2nd generation Pilates instructor.   

Participants must be willing to have their 55 minute lesson with Katrina video recorded and available for use in our ongoing teacher training program.

Please click HERE to submit your name for this opportunity.
If You Have Ever Thought About Becoming a Pilates Teacher......... NOW IS YOUR TIME.
This year we are celebrating our 12th year of training new Pilates Instructors.  We have now trained over 300 people.  Every year our program gets better and produces the best qualified instructors.

We have several opportunities to share with you including:
   1. Internships at our studio in exchange for full training program
   2. 30 day experience at our studio to ensure it's the place for you
   3. Become an affiliate studio for our training (we need 2-3 in Phx)

Please click 
HERE to learn more about these opportunities.
FREE Mat Class with 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher Trainer Katrina Foe
If you or someone you know are pregnant or more than 6 weeks post-partum, we have a wonderful opportunity for you!
On Saturday, June 1st, Katrina Foe will be teaching one of her world renown specialties - a Pilates Mat class that is specifically designed for Pregnancy.  This class will be captured on video.  Participants must be healthy with no injuries.
Please click HERE if you would like to reserve a spot in this class.
Three 67% OFF Lessons with Kellee, Three with Anna, & Three with Larry
Inexpensive Private Pilates lessons are always a treat!  With this offer you have 3 excellent options to choose from.

A video recording of these lessons will be utilized for educational purposes in our ongoing teacher training program.

Click HERE to submit your name for a lesson with Kellee  $28
Click HERE to submit your name for a lesson with Larry  $25
Click HERE to submit you name for a lesson with Anna $25
Don't miss these opportunities as they are sure to fill up fast!
In good health,

Katrina & Larry Foe
Personalized Pilates