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6 Components To Consider When Hiring Key Staff

It’s no secret that staffing plays an enormous part in the performance of a practice. Hire the wrong person, and you will likely suffer a variety of frustrations and inefficiencies that take a long time to sort and smooth out. Hire the right person, however, and marvel at the new ways your business can thrive.
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Top Articles This Week

North American's NEW Builder Plus IUL

North American announced the release of a new Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance product. The new Builder Plus IUL is a permanent life insurance policy offering death benefit protection with the ability to build cash value through interest crediting based on the performance of a selected stock index performance without participation directly in the stock market. Additional product features have been added to boost cash value potential.
Principal's Automatic Standard Approval Program

Give clients a rating boost. Principal's Automatic Standard Approval Program (ASAP)) is designed to eliminate low substandard ratings. While some companies have eliminated their program or changed their guidelines, Principal still supports ASAP.
Healthy Lifestyle Credits

All applicants should be given credit for taking care of themselves. Because of this philosophy, Principal uses Healthy Lifestyle Credits (LLCs) as an underwriting tool to help clients get the most favorable rating possible. The underlying basis of their HCLs is an evaluation of several coronary and cancer risk factors of a client as follows.
Watch the video below to hear about our most recent underwriting success story!
American General Secure Lifetime GUL 3

On Saturday, April 14th, American General released new rates for their Secure Lifetime GUL 3 product. The price of Secure Lifetime will be increasing an average of 3 to 4 % depending on age, underwriting class and funding patterns.
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