6 Critical Factors in Buying a Boat
What are the factors your team should 
consider  in any new boat purchase

Like any big purchase, buying a rowing shell requires some planning and consideration. Each team's rubric of priorities will differ, of course, but there are some factors to keep in mind that will help steer the decision-making process. Price tags on shells, whether they are new or used, can vary dramatically. It can be easy to make a decision on base price alone, but these other factors can play a huge role in determining which boat is really right for your crew:

2018 Events & Regattas
Photo: Rink Fotografie, Project 2020

This past weekend, we were thrilled to be at the
San Diego Crew Classic and the John Hunter Regatta.
Here's what's next on the RESOLUTE calendar ~ Be sure to stop by our trailer or see one of our Z Sales Reps at any of these upcoming events to snag a RESOLUTE sticker, talk shop or schedule a demo.

April 6-7 - FIRA (Florida Intercollegiate Regatta)
 Nathan Benderson Park (Sarasota, FL) - Casey

April 14-15, FSRA Sculling Championship
 Nathan Benderson Park (Sarasota, FL) - Casey

April 27-29 - FSRA Sweep Championship
 Nathan Benderson Park (Sarasota, FL) - Casey

April 28 - NEWMAC Championships
 Lake Quinsigamond (Worcester, MA) - Jeff

April 29 - Women's Sprints Championships
 Lake Quinsigamond (Worcester, MA) - Jeff

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Instagram was green with giving on St. Patricks Day as Chicago Rowing Foundation, partnering with Recovery on Water (a team for breast cancer survivors), rowed their annual "St. Pat's Sprint," a fundraiser for patients and survivors of breast cancer. Rowers and coxswains all fundraise for a seat in a boat and participation in the parade of boats on Chicago's freshly dyed GREEN river! This year, they raised over $26,000 for Recovery on Water (R.O.W). Learn more about the St. Pats Sprint here

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"Lightspeed" Article in Rowing Magazine

If you haven't already picked up your copy of R owing Magazine , you absolutely should!  Written by Jen Whiting and featuring interviews with some of the key voices in the sport, "Lightspeed" is  an impressive piece about the changing dynamics of  #pararowing  and why it's imperative that, as a sport, we stop handicapping para-athletes and start bolstering innovation in performance pararowing equipment. Read it online.
Spring Cleaning: MaxRigging's Quick Guide to Rowing Shell Care & Maintenance

The snow is clearing from the boathouse and it's time for some spring cleaning! Get your shells ready for the season with MaxRigging's  Quick Guide to Rowing Shell Care & Maintenance.
Win the Corrosion Battle with These Salt Water Tips

With so many teams on spring break in sunny, but salty destinations, now's a good time to reboot an old blog about saving your boat from the detriments of salt water.  Read Casey's salt water advice for your boats on the blog.
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