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EMC Targeted
Six Ways by NY State, NY City, Congress and FBI
May 28, 2013
Real Target are Babies & Moms
Mom with window on womb
Dear Friend for Life , 

Over 42,000 girls and women who would have aborted in NYC since 1985 have chosen Life, because they received a free pregnancy test, ultrasound, and life-saving counseling and support at an EMC FrontLine office, thanks to you.

Plain and simple, saving 42,000 babies gets the attention of our competition.

This irks Planned Parenthood, their abortionist cohorts, and politicians to no end. 

That is why they come after us, but ultimately if they crush us they crush future moms and babies who are doomed in the scores of abortion mills here in NYC.

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Linda in Brooklyn with clients

Chris with Sisters praying in Queens

A sonogram they want to prevent.

Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers
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Planned Parenthood and their political waterboys including the President, NY Governor Cuomo, the NY State Attorney General, NYC Mayor Bloomberg,  and certain NY Congressional Reps are all gunning for me and, in effect, your lifesaving work, today.
And consistent with the recently discovered IRS attacks on pro-life groups, President Obama has put the FBI on me, and they have politely invited me to headquarters to "talk" this week! 
Obama and Planned Parenthood
Obama launches FBI investigation of EMC!
I think the President has told the FBI to keep a close eye on EMC because you and I have the audacity to expand your life-saving, nationwide, with a small army of compassionate pro-life volunteers.
NY State and NYC are seeking revenge and want to show muscle following late term abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell's murder convictions in Philadelphia.  
Kermit Gosnell
Dr. Kermit Gosnell
And, it drives PP, NYC's Mayor, NY's Governor and NY's AG crazy that for two years their speech crushing NYC Pregnancy Center Law has been enjoined by the Federal Courts! No decision yet on their Appeal means their frustration mounts.
So, they are waiting around no longer, and going on the attack, as you will read below. 
So let's be bold, and defend ourselves with zeal, but let's be even bolder and let's expand our baby saving nationwide, and show America that you and I mean to stand with the children and mothers despite legal, police and FBI bullying threats and tactics.
I am seeking $28,000, this week, to defend ourselves, to maintain our life-saving offices and mobile team, to prepare for a great summer of life-saving nationwide, all for the sake of many hundreds of vulnerable babies and mothers at very high risk of abortion. 
We are now open in NYC; Washington DC; Arlington, VA; Miami; Detroit; and Charlotte, and soon Austin, Cleveland, Philadelphia and elsewhere.
Please hit the Donate Now! button to the left, and make as big a gift toward life-saving as you can, and read more below, about the sinister attacks being deployed against us from six different fronts.
Friend , could you please give $28, or one dollar for each year we have been saving babies, or even $280 enough to pay rent on a new part-time baby saving office, per month, in another high abortion rate city?
How about $2,800 to cover a full day of EMC life-saving operations, now in six cities?
But, please, above all, storm heaven for our protection, day and night. God will protect us.
Yours for Life on the FrontLines,
Slattery Headshot  
Christopher Slattery, National Director
Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers

PS I know you may wonder how could our opponents be doing this to a small non-profit group helping mothers and babies? Because they see the pregnancy help centers as the soft and weak underbelly of the pro-life movement, especially in the Blue States, and they think we are easy to pick off. 

But you and I have survived their shut down attempts for over 25 years, so let's not back down now! Please Just click on the Heart button, right here to give by Credit Card or PayPal, or even E Check.



Below are the 6 Fronts of Attack

We are Fighting Right Now:

#1. NY Governor: 3rd Trimester  Abortion Push
and Statewide Law to Eliminate EMC & CPCs
Gov. Andrew CuomoThe Governor is pushing major abortion legislation called the RHA, but may be hidden in a "Women's Equality Act."
Some experts say he will force EMC and other CPCs to refer women for abortions, to cripple our advertising and speech, and make NY State the late term abortion Capital outside Russia and China, up to birth. Please Donate to help!


#2. NY Attorney General Hits EMC with Bogus Charges: Hates Free Sonograms for Moms
AG Eric Schneiderman
The Attorney General has just charged EMC with "practicing medicine without a license" for performing free ultrasounds despite us using certified technicians and doctors, and failing to inform clients that we don't provide or promote abortion and contraception. This is the third AG to attack us since 1987!


#3. FBI  Domestic Terrorism Squad Targets EMC
FBI logo
The FBI's Terrorism Unit has Targeted Chris Slattery and EMC thanks to Obama
Domestic terrorism agents
have called me in to answer their questions this week, as they launch an absurd case to intimidate us. I have shivers down my spine.

#4. Bloomberg & Mayor  Wannabe Quinn Press Appeal to Bury EMC with Crippling Censorship quinn bloom
Mayor Bloomberg is pushing NYC's Federal Appeal of the injunction in place for almost two years on Local Law #17 which, if enacted, would crush EMC's free speech in ads, on phones, in person, and on signs, and prevent us from even sending moms to maternity homes or the Sisters of Life, without written permission! No decision has come down since the arguments were heard last September, in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.


#5. Legislation Introduced to Regulate EMC & CPCs Nationwide under FDC by NY Cong. Rep
Rep Carolyn Maloney Rep Carolyn Maloney to Nationalize Regs on EMC & CPCs
Last week on Capitol Hill, U.S. Rep Carolyn Maloney (D-New York City) introduced H.R. 2030, named the "Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act." 14 Democrats have co-sponsored this nasty bill, which would grant the FTC broad powers over EMC and all CPCs. No regs for abortionists, as this bill exempts them completely.
#6. NYC now uses NYPD as back up full time Security Guards to Intimidate EMC counselors
Cop and Security at Emily's
 A security guard on cell phone, in vest, is backed up by completely unnecessary presence of a NYC cop, (behind him) at Dr. Emily's abortion mill, covered 4 times a week by EMC FrontLine staff. Cops recently have been parking two or three squad cars in front and back and literally staking out their abortion center inside the facility. Our staff are peaceful and prayerful, but worry cops are there to scare.

Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy CentersEMC is in the Spotlight now, or more like police floodlights, and we need you to stand tall with us right now!
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