A grand entrance makes a lasting first impression. Find out how to grab attention
the moment guests walk through the door. Plus, the 2018 color trends forecast!

Making a Grand Entrance
First impressions are everything and your home's entry is no exception.  Make it a good one.  This very important room sets the tone for what's to come.  This space should lead you into your home with anticipation for what's around the corner.  Don't underestimate the power of this small room. When it comes to making a grand entrance, here are 6 great ideas for making that stylish first impression.
  • Layered soft dimmable lighting allows you to control the brightness depending on the situation (bright for reading mail and low for parties).
  • Fresh flowers or a plant brings the outdoors in creating a natural progression of space.
  • Scent (the unspoken design element) enhances the experience.  This is an ideal place to add a lightly-scented candle. 
  • Table or Chest - so you can deposit or pick up as you walk through the door.
  • Mirror to make that final check as you the leave the house.
  • A great rug that takes up most of the floor space will make the area feel more like a room.
Up and Coming Hot Color Trends for 2018

The forecast for the 2018 color trends are already emerging. Why is forecasting important?  It guides industry trends and provides a tool for how to mix colors for longevity.  Fall is when color forecasts are revealed by the experts in the color world and the buzz words for 2018 are filled with excitement and drama.  Check out the forecasts below by just some of the leading experts.

Although Pantone has not officially released their color of the year they have indicated the general direction.  Intense colors take center stage while pastels take a back seat.  These bold colors reflect the intense lifestyles that the new generation lives.  

Caliente AF-290  
This bold color signifies change, strength, and desire.  This confident hue is dramatic and smart.  Try mixing it with crisp whites and chunky textures. Done the right way, this color can be a stunning addition to any room. 

Oceanside SW 6496 
Inspired by travel and beaches, this soothing, dramatic, bright folklore, cocoon color is versatile working in both traditional and modern interiors.  We're loving the saddle brown door with contrasting clean, bright white. Oceanside is a rich, bluish-green jewel toned hue that bridges old and new, light and dark.

Let us show you how to adopt this gorgeous color in your own home!

Before You Paint

We offer paint consultations that can save you frustration and stress, as well as time and money.

Paint color is one of the most important decisions you can make about your space. A good color choice sets the tone of the room. It provides a cohesive flow between rooms and evokes a feeling.

Our paint consultations start at $250 for 1 ½ hours.  You'll get palette choices, advice on what to buy, where to buy, and plenty of other tips to get you started in the right direction.  In the end, this will save you costly mistakes. 

Want to freshen up a space, but not sure what color to choose?  Schedule your personal paint consultation now!

Contact us to find out how to make your vision a reality.

Commercial Interiors

D id you know we design, procure, and install commercial spaces?   
Commercial design can be complex. Whether you're moving, resizing, or merely looking to make your current space more efficient, you can trust your space to Redux Interior Design. From the first ideas, to the final touches, we'll handle everything so you can tend to what you do best, your business.
Your dream office, conference room, lobby or waiting room is just a phone call away! 

Contact us for your commercial redux! 
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