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6 Reasons NOT to Have an Employee Handbook!

  • "We're too small to need one."
  • "I don't want to be 'boxed' in."
  • "Laws keep changing so it will just get outdated."
  • "We've gotten by for 25 years without one."
  • "Our people won't follow it anyway."
  • "They can sue us whether we have one or not."

We’ve heard these excuses, and lot’s of others, and although they might seem like good arguments initially, not having an employee handbook can cause lots more headaches down the road. So read on for a few important reasons why you SHOULD have an employee handbook!
Why Bother With An Employee Handbook?
To Prevent Illegal & Inappropriate Behavior

  • Employer risk goes up with no written policies
  • Good intentions are not sufficient
  • Discrimination & harassment still exist
  • Workplace bullying & violence still exist
To Defend Your Workforce

  • Identify primary risks employees face
  • Explain how risks are addressed and minimized
  • Discuss importance of safety within the organization
To Outline & Communicate Expectations
  • Explain performance standards & requirements
  • Give expectations of service & quality
  • Review attendance, dress code, behavior, etc.
To Establish Your Organizational Culture

  • Your policies help set the tone for the work environment you create
  • Your leadership team establishes culture, climate & teamwork within the organization
To Safeguard Critical Information

  • Protect customer/client information
  • Protect employee information
  • Protect trade secrets, assure confidentiality
  • Hold people accountable
To Open Channels of Communication

  • Identify FAQs; who to ask
  • Explain organizational & communications structures
  • Identify what staff can expect from leadership
To Protect Your Organization
  • Written policies help promote compliance
  • Written policies help create consistency within your management team
  • Cost of a handbook is far less than defending your organization against legal action
No matter how many people you employ, you have to deal with performance , communication , conflict , benefits , morale , productivity and attendance, as well as scores of state and federal employment laws and regulations. Periodic policy reviews and updates to your handbook are critical!
*** Since the workplace may not look exactly like it did prior to the pandemic it is important to review and update your employee handbook to coordinate new policies and procedures that were implemented during COVID-19. When incorporating new policies, ensure policies are flexible and consistent with public health guidance. Make sure to communicate to all employees any new or changes in policies. ***

Do You Have Questions?

When was the last time you reviewed your policies and updated your employee handbook? Do you need help creating one but aren't sure where to start? Alternative HRD can help you create , review , or update your handbook! Give us a call today at 605.335.8198 !
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