6 Reasons to Try LED Light Facials .

Overall skin health

One of the most notable improvements after the treatment is the overall firmness and increased elasticity of the skin.
Stimulating collagen growth
A bi-product of LED light therapy is the increase in your skin's natural production of proteins like collagen. More collagen.
Correcting acne and pigmentation
Correcting and even erasing acne is one of the major benefits of LED treatments. White light rays go deepest into the skin (versus red and blue lights) and are best used for acne or scarring on the face, although multiple sessions are advised for specific conditions like these.
Mood enhancer
Like a vitamin D top-up but without the skin cell destroying UV rays of actual sun, an LED light facial is great for mood enhancing.
Reducing stress
The LED light therapy oxygenates the blood, which is known to help reduce stress hormones in the body.
Immunity booster
Blue light therapy has also been shown to reduce the spread of infection via cuts, scrapes or bites on the skin's surface.

About LED Facial
It's no secret that a week in the sun does more for your skin than even the best facial. That dewy complexion and lack of blemishes is basically the pinnacle of good skin. But the damage UV sun can do versus the benefits of vitamin D are always a hard one to weigh up. Which is why the LED light facial is the solution.
LED light is totally different to UV light, so while the results mimic how it feels to have spent a week in the sun, it's actually harmless. The LED facial uses colour waves (red, blue or white depending on the results you want to see) to penetrate the skin's epidermis. The results aren't instantaneous - some surgeons suggest six or more sessions before you see the full effects - but the benefits aren't just skin deep.

How it works?
Light Therapy works by utilizing Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to stimulate your bod's own natural regenerative system, accelerating the replenishment and repair of collagen and elastin to restore a youthful appearance. In simple terms, it puts the "energy" back into your cell to kick-start the rejuvenation process (Which slow down considerably as we age). This "energy" is used to optimize and revitalize the heath of damaged tissue in a genral completely natural way.
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