August 2019
6 Solutions for Managing Multi-Use Trails and Conflict

Let’s face it. Motorized, equestrian, biking, and hiking users do not always get alo ng. When conflicts inevitably arise, what do we do, and how can we avoid it in the first place?

Connecting 10 Million People to the Outdoors In Los Angeles County
The story behind the development of LA Counties world-class trails mobile app and website covering 600+ parks and over 550 linear miles of trails.
Wildlife and Trails Checklist — Introduction

The Wildlife and Trail Planning Checklist is a sequence of wildlife-related questions and possible steps to consider in planning a trail.
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8 Most Used Trail Tools for Lifting and Hauling
These are the most commonly used lifting and hauling tools with tips on using them safely and effectively.
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FREE August Webinar: Equestrian Trail Design for Urban Multi-Use Trails
In partnership with Equine Land Conservation Resource , and thanks to a generous sponsorship from Rhino Marking & Protection Systems , this webinar is free to the public.

Now is the Time to Apply for National Recreation Trail (NRT) Designation
Is your trail a good candidate for National Recreation Trail designation? Learn the requirements and how to nominate your trail before the Nov. 1st deadline!

Trail Etiquette when Mud is Present
MUD… multiple, long stretches of quaggy, slippery mud with or without standing water were present longer than normal this year.

Evidence of Many Varieties of Economic Benefits Linked to Trails
Trails and greenways impact our economy through tourism, events, urban redevelopment, community improvement, property values, health care costs, jobs and investment, and general consumer spending.

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Featured Trail Industry Manufacturer: The Acorn Group
Blending the skills of planners, designers, and educators, The Acorn Group offers award-winning services in interpretive planning and design. Learn more about this company…
TRAILSNext   Talks

TRAILSNext   Series Presented by American Trails

In the style of TEDx, the  TRAILSNext™   Series brings you cutting edge information from leading experts in the trails world on today’s hottest trail topics. These high energy 18-minute presentations were recorded to be made available to folks who were unable to attend this year's International Trails Symposium.

Each month we will be featuring one of these talks in our eNews, and you can purchase the entire series on our website at this   link .

This month we are sharing with you " Lessons Learned from Creative Problem-Solving " by presenter Yves Zsutty, Division Manager with the  City of San Jose Trails in California .

Every trail project is different and provides opportunities for success and failures. San Jose has developed a 60-mile Trail Network with 40 more miles planned for development. This presentation will showcase 25 completed San Jose Trail projects with focused and honest discussion about what worked, what didn’t work, and the lessons learned. The projects will be selected to offer a broad range of findings gained from all phases of development, from initial scoping, through studies, planning, design and construction. Tips will be offered on how to manage and message challenges in a straightforward and engaging manner to sustain community support.