Dr. Scott Gaynor provides telehealth services for adolescents and adults. His focus is on bringing the best of contemporary psychological science to the specific life circumstances of each client.

He is well-versed in empirically supported treatments for specific diagnoses/problems (e.g., anxiety disorders, depression) as well as applying evidence-based practices to target greater personal well-being, relationship satisfaction, and quality of life.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, coaching baseball, following a range of Wisconsin sports teams (Brewers, Packers, Bucks... UGH, but it’s where he was born and raised), exercising, reading, and listening to science and history podcasts.  

If you and/or someone you know could benefit from working with Dr. Gaynor, please contact our office at
or email us 734-416-9098 office@mccaskillfamilyservices.com.