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6 Things You Can Do to Help Your Search Engine Rankings

by Lynn Amos

A GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listing will put you on the map. The Google map, that is. The name of the listing may be misleading – though it contains the word “business”, nonprofits can benefit from using this powerful Google tool to rank higher in donor and volunteer searches.
What are the benefits of having a GMB listing?
  • It tells your target audience that you have what they are searching for
  • It verifies that you are a legitimate organization
  • Reviews provide social proof of your competence
  • You will appear higher in the Google search rankings for relevant keywords and phrases
Add quality content to your website regularly. When you publish content that your audience(s) are searching for, you will attract more visits and potentially links from other websites. Both things show Google that your site is considered an authority therefore you will move up the ranks. Telling your story well encourages readers to stay on a page longer and interact with comments and shares – all of which area thumbs up signs to Google. When writing be sure to include words and phrases that your target audience will be searching. While you don't necessarily have to constantly create new pages or blog posts (though it's great if you can) updating the pages you have with fresh information or adding new pieces can help a great deal.

Add a VIDEO or several to your website. Ever since Google bought YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world) video has become even more important to your ranking in Google. If a web page contains 350 – 500 words, some images and a video, Google considers it a varied and valuable resource.

Use HEADING TAGS in your content. Heading tags (H1 to H6) are great ways to organize your text and provide search engines clues as to what the key points in your message are – not to mention helping your viewers understand better. If your organization uses a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Squarespace, you've probably seen a drop-down list that starts off with "Format" and then lists a few items including Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. Use them. Google likes outline format (I, II, III etc.) with only one H1 Heading per page.

Is your site mobile-friendly? When you view your website on a phone or tablet, does the view and type size change appropriately or are you seeing simply a mini version of the site? If your site is not optimized for mobile devices you will lose points with Google, not to mention with your viewers. Your organization is doing itself a disservice not to make the website accessible on all devices.

Professional directories provide a great opportunity to link to your website and Google likes links. Other sites that link to yours means that your site has valuable content. Be sure to fill out your profile for any organizations such as GuideStar or Charity Navigator and include a link to your website. If you are listed with any other nonprofit clearinghouses such as include as link to your website as well. 

Contact me any time for a complimentary consultation about your website design and function, or how you are presenting yourself in the digital world.
Lynn Amos is Principal of Fyne Lyne Ventures, a Westchester-based website and graphic design studio and is President of Top of Mynd Cards, e-cards for businesspeople and nonprofits. She serves on the Nonprofit and Marketing Committees of the Chamber.
Featured Organization: Volunteer New York!

by Justin Wingenroth
If you're part of a nonprofit, in any capacity, you know the extreme value that volunteers bring to your organization. Whether it’s your board of directors, day-to-day staff, or special event needs, you likely rely on the dedication and support of countless hours of volunteerism. If your organization is struggling with this or just needs a little re-energizing in this department, look no further than Volunteer New York!
Serving Westchester County for over 70 years, Volunteer New York! was first established in 1950. Their core mission is “to inspire, mobilize, and equip individuals and groups to take positive action to address pressing challenges, support nonprofits, and strengthen the quality of life in our community.” In their extensive history spanning several decades, they continued to expand and provide more and more opportunities for our community. Read more here:

If you or your organization are in need of Volunteer New York!’s services, they have several programs to suit your needs:
  • Individuals can take advantage of VNY!’s database to find a volunteer opportunity that matches their goals
  • Corporations can connect with VNY! and establish customized outreach for their employees and teams
  • Nonprofits can register their organization and post upcoming volunteer opportunities and use the VNY! database to help identify potential board members

Other programming includes: RSVP, which caters to those aged 55+ in collaboration with AmeriCorps Seniors; Leadership Westchester, a 9-month curriculum designed to sharpen effective leadership skills; RISE, a program that supports those with intellectual and developmental disabilities; just to name a few.

In recognition of some the outstanding volunteers in our region, Volunteer New York! recently hosted its 42nd Annual Volunteer Spirit Awards in April. This year’s recipients included: 

  • Social Advocacy ~ Kenny Herzog
  • Education & Literacy ~ Deborah Disbrow
  • Going Green ~ Susan O’Brien 
  • Resiliency ~ Jolina & Brian Halloran
  • Quality of Life ~ Norman Handelman
  • Youth Leadership ~ Harshita Shet

To stay up-to-date on all the amazing things at VNY!, sign up for their newsletter or make a donation to support their vast programming.

“[At Volunteer New York!], [w]e encourage adults to serve, youth to build character, families to bond, young professionals to lead, mature adults to share their wisdom, and businesses to support our community.”
Justin Wingenroth is a member of the Chamber's Nonprofit Committee and is Owner/Director of The Dance Conservatory. Read more about his services at:
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Park in lot #4 just past the Children's Hospital and come to the front door of the Ronald McDonald House ($4). Make sure to keep your ticket when you pull into the lot.

Masks and proof of vaccination will be required.

If you can, please bring packaged snacks to donate to Ronald McDonald House - pretzels, chips, cookies, granola bars, etc. They are in dire need of snacks that parents and kids can grab on the go.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!
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