July 2018
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6 Things to Consider When Searching for a Business.

In addition to revenue and cash flow, here are some important things to consider.

1.      Where do you want to live? For example we focus on New Hampshire, which is one of the smaller states, but has a great variety of environments from oceans to mountains to cities and small towns to very rural areas.
2.      What qualifications are needed to run the business? Is a professional license or certification required?  Some licenses may be easily obtained or transferred while others may take a great deal of time and investment.
3.      What do you envision yourself doing every day? Some businesses “tie you to the store”; some require “road time”; some have a lot of personal customer interaction; for some all contact is over the phone or by email.
4.      Do you want to be involved in the day-to-day operation or will you require a manager or key employee(s) to handle the day-to-day with your oversight?
5.      What does the transition process look like to you? Will you want the seller to provide a couple of weeks, months or a year of assistance?
6.      Are you ambitious and looking for something you can grow and expand dramatically or are you looking for an opportunity that is well established that you can step in and run as is?

These are just a sampling of items to consider. Based on the business and your individual circumstances, there will be others. Some research early in your search can save time and money later on.There are plenty of resources available to assist. If you have questions, feel free to drop us a note or give us a call.

Below is a terrific property that has undergone recent updates that greatly enhance its appeal as well as a couple of price reductions. Visit our website to see our complete list of offerings.

Best Regards,

Leon Parker, President
 File #216035

Recent updates to this White Mountains lodging property make it even more attractive to prospective groups. The recently installed salt water pool as well as a conference room and covered porch provide room for meetings or meals for large groups and a place to relax after the day. This is an ideal property for those looking for a lifestyle business. Includes a 2-bedroom home on the property.

File #217039

PRICE REDUCED! This business was taken over by the current owners when the previous owner ran into difficulty. They reversed the downward trend and over the past three years have dramatically increased sales and created a very positive reputation. This business is poised to continue its upward growth providing a great profitability for its new owner. The owner is looking to retire and have the business continue successfully with new ownership.

 File #215042

SUBSTANTIAL PRICE REDUCTION! Located in the Great North Woods in a promising location miles from the Balsams redevelopment project. Property is available 'as is'.

We have buyers looking for quality businesses. If you are a current owner and considering selling or not sure what your exit plan will be, contact us and we can discuss your options.
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