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News for NonProfits


Embezzlement Scam Linked to Maintenance Contracts


A former mechanic, with authority to approve some maintenance contracts, recently pled guilty to stealing $1.1 million from the Woodruff Arts Center, the Atlanta area's largest cultural center. He faces a possible prison term of 41 to 51 months.  


According to prosecutors, the employee used bogus invoices and kickbacks from a vendor to steal from the center over several years. One way to thwart this type of embezzlement is... (Read More)



AUGUST 2013   



A nonprofit's Board of Directors can take an organization from "good" to "great." Pooling their respective individual strengths, they lead the organization through the various opportunities and challenges that present themselves. And this is why it is imperative that an organization not only find the right people to join their Board, but also prepare them for success within the organization.  


In this issue, we offer tips for getting new board members up to speed and keeping them on the right course. The tips include providing orientation, setting performance targets and developing a continuing education program. We also examine how to prepare for transitions on the board, and what to look for when considering qualifications for the next board chair.


Not sure where to get started? Give us a call. We are here as a resource for you and your organization.


6 Tips for Developing Spectacular Board Members


Your nonprofit board is like the helmsman of a ship, steering it out of dangerous waters and toward strategic decisions. But preparing new board members to forge ahead  - and excel at the job- takes navigation. Here are six tips for getting new board members up to speed and keeping them on the right course:


Orient them to your organization. Board members need to understand your nonprofit. What's your mission, who are your stakeholders and what services do you provide? Are there strategic goals in place? A formal orientation is an opportunity to give new members a foundation on which to perform. It's also a chance to define board vs. staff responsibilities. (Read More)

Who's Got the Talent?


Someday, your organization's board chair will likely step down or, per your bylaws, it will be time to rotate the position. So, start thinking of a replacement before that happens.


The board (via its nominating committee) and staff should pinpoint a board member (or two) who's a strategic thinker who focuses on the nonprofit's mission, vision and long-term goals. Working well with your management team and being able to effectively represent the organization in the community are other requirements. (Read More)

QuickBooks User Group 

September 26, 9:00 - 10:30 am 


Are you new to QuickBooks and feeling overwhelmed? Or looking for ways to streamline your regular tasks?  This group is designed for QuickBooks users to network with other users, share tips and learn how to get more out of your QuickBooks system.   


During this session, we will cover how to review and cleanup accounts, as well as taking a look at the reporting, registers and templates that are available in QuickBooks.   


You are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet with QuickBooks, but it is not required for participation. Email us to RSVP or for more information.