March 10 , 2016
Given the recent activity surrounding neighborhood drilling in Adams County, we are continually working to keep our webpage current and easy to use.  In particular we encourage you to check out the recent news on our website.
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Help us protect all of Adams County from neighborhood drilling as the 6 week time out draws to a close by attending two important March meetings.  County staff and special oil and gas counsel will present their proposal for changes to the Adams County oil and gas regulations on Monday March 21 at the Planning Commission meeting.  The resulting recommendations will be presented to the Board of Commissioners the following day, Tuesday March 22, for approval.  The staff's presentation should be available on the Adams County website the Friday prior to the meetings.  For more details, read the following press release sent out by Adams County on March 8:

Proposal to Revise Oil and Gas Regulatory Structure

With the moratorium on new oil and gas permitting scheduled to conclude on March 22, Adams County Community and Economic Development Department staff and outside legal counsel on oil and gas matters, Jeff Robbins, will present the Adams County Board of Commissioners with a proposal to revise the county's current oil and gas regulatory structure. The presentation of this proposal will take place in a formal public hearing on March 22 at 10 a.m. The Adams County Planning Commission will review the proposal in a formal hearing on March 21 at 6 p.m. Both hearings will take place at the Adams County Government Center, 4430 South Adams County Parkway, Brighton.

The purpose of these hearings and the proposal itself is to enhance the regulatory structure so that the Adams County policies regarding oil and gas permitting are more protective of residents while allowing for development of oil and gas resources.

Among other things, the proposal adds new language allowing the Adams County oil and gas regulatory structure to recognize recent regulatory amendments made by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, specifically regarding the new definition and local government consultation process for Large Scale Urban Mitigation Facilities.

The proposal is being developed by county staff and outside counsel based upon the input received from a broad range of stakeholders, including community, industry, and government agencies who shared their issues and concerns in meetings held over the last month.

The stakeholder groups providing input included ACCDAN, LOGIC, North Metro Neighbors for Safe Energy, Adams12 School District, Colorado Oil and Gas Association, American Petroleum Institute, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Tri-County Health Department, Pipefitters, a variety of oil and gas operators, proximate local governments including Commerce City and Brighton, fire districts, and homebuilders.
On Friday, legislation will be introduced in the Colorado House of Representatives that affirms "...the ability of local governments to exercise land use authority over oil and gas facilities used in oil and gas operations in a manner analogous to the siting of other industrial facilities (draft of bill)."  The sponsor, Rep. Mike Foote, anticipates a hearing for the bill on Monday March 21 st  in front of the House State Affairs Committee at 1:30 pm.  You are encouraged to attend and testify in favor of the proposed legislation; expect 2-3 minutes per person for testimony. We will provide a link to the legislation once it has been introduced.  You are also welcome to contact Rep. Foote's office with questions or to let him know your intention to testify:, 303-866-2920.

Statement from Rep Foote:

Currently, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the oil and gas industry claim only the state commission is allowed to determine where oil and gas operations are located.

Affected homeowners, their associations, and local governments want to have a meaningful say in where oil and gas facilities are located within their jurisdictions.  Local governments determine the location of every other industry activity; oil and gas is currently the only exception to that rule.

This bill will specify the oil and gas industry must obtain siting permission from both the state and the local government before being allowed to drill.
If you are one of the many people that lost a yard sign to the wind recently, please contact Chris Nyholm, 303-451-7762, 13789 Franklin Street, for a replacement.  Let's make sure oil and gas operators understand local sentiment BEFORE they drill in a neighborhood.
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